Discover the latest travel trend: Underwater yoga

Unveiling an extraordinary experience, a hotel in Saint Lucia has introduced underwater yoga classes that target stress reduction and enhance divers' respiratory well-being.

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21, yoga enthusiasts worldwide are exploring unconventional variations like goat yoga and cannabis yoga. However, if you've ever yearned for a more immersive yoga encounter, look no further.

Introducing underwater yoga, an innovative activity pioneered by the Windjammer Landing Hotel in Saint Lucia. This extraordinary practice takes place a remarkable 20 feet below the surface of the enchanting Caribbean Sea. Its purpose is to alleviate stress, foster optimal breathing, and instill a sense of tranquility for novice divers navigating the underwater realm.

Abigail Brown, Dive Master at Eastern Caribbean Diving, explains that the program aims to help new divers unwind and find comfort underwater. Diving necessitates a significant level of relaxation and becoming at ease, as it is crucial for refining buoyancy and establishing a sense of comfort in the underwater environment.

She expressed that for experienced divers, it offers an additional means of relaxation underwater, a more deliberate approach that involves mindful breathing.

Upon entering the water, individuals are urged to maintain the deep breathing techniques they acquired during the boat session, while also engaging in various underwater yoga postures.

These exercises offer several advantages, such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure, as well as promoting a sense of tranquility—an essential resource for individuals submerged in the depths of the ocean.

Furthermore, the absence of any risk of falling allows for the exploration of more daring poses, adding an adventurous element to the experience.

Brown elaborates, stating that the program also serves as a means for individuals to relax and detach from the overwhelming impact of the Covid situation and current events. It serves as an introduction to yoga. If we simply advertise a yoga class, attendance might be low. However, by combining yoga with diving, divers may be enticed to give it a try, thinking 'since I'm already diving, why not give it a shot?' This approach can serve as a gateway to introducing people to the practice of yoga.

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