Mint Growing Tips

Mint is a fragrant, aromatic herb that comes in hundreds of varieties to suit all tastes such as chocolate, spearmint, peppermint and apple mint, to name just a few. It is easy to grow mint in your own garden once you know the basics.

When Starting from Seed

If you are planning to grow mint from seed, you have two choices: plant straight into the ground, or start out in a pot. It is a good idea to start out in a pot to begin with until the seeds have germinated and the mint has started to grow. Half fill a large pot with compost, placing the seeds into the compost and then cover them. Pat it down and water the seeds, placing the pot indoors.

Mint is Invasive

It is important to keep in mind that even though mint is easy to grow, it is also very invasive. Once mint has been planted outdoors, it will quickly take over. That means you should carefully think about whether you plan to plant the mint outside, or leave it in a pot, snipping off what you need as and when it is required. If you do decide to grow mint outdoors, pick a secluded spot away from other herbs or vegetables where the mint will not take over.

Drying Your Own Mint

Fresh mint is ideal for many recipes, but if you prefer to dry and store mint for future use you do not have to buy expensive jars of this fragrant herb from the supermarket. Drying mint is simple. Pick mint from the pot or from your garden and wash it thoroughly to remove soil and other debris. Then let it dry out on a towel before you tie it up and hang it outside on the line to dry. Mint dries quicker during warm, sunny days. Once the mint is dry, untie it and gently rub it between your fingers, taking care to separate the leaves from the stems, which should be discarded.

Mint is easy to grow. It can be used fresh or dried and stored for future use. Once you have mastered the basics of growing mint, you can set to work!

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