Women’s Wallets - Product Buying Guide

Choosing a wallet can be a very daunting task. Women’s wallets are far more difficult to pick out than men’s wallets. There are numerous angles to consider. The color, size, shape, material, and price. You can get an inexpensive fabric wallet for $5, or lay out hundreds for a leather designer piece. Either way, finding the right wallet to suit your needs is important.

Color, size, and shape

Wallets come in many different shapes and sizes. You should choose your wallet based on what you want to carry in it and how it goes with your style. A good wallet will hold all of the important things: Credit cards, cash, drivers license, and maybe a few family pictures. You’ll want to choose a wallet big enough to fit everything you have, but small enough to fit in the purse or coat pocket where you’re planning to carry it. A rectangular wallet is generally a good shape to start with. Your cash will stay nice and straight and if you prefer to hold a checkbook in it, it will do the job just fine. If you’re looking for a wallet for a night on the town, a smaller, square wallet is probably the way to go, one just big enough to hold your ID, a card, and a few bills. It will easily fit into a smaller purse or you can find one with a small lanyard on it to wrap around your wrist. If a purse is not in your arsenal of accessories and you’re looking for something simple, a two-compartment wallet with a money clip can do the job.

Wallet style

The style of your wallet is also an important detail to consider. Credit card wallets, checkbook wallets and tri-fold wallets are just a few types to consider. But style means much more. Everything you wear is a reflection of who you are and depicts a little of your personality. Choose a wallet that’s you. After all, you will most likely look at it at least once a day. Whether it’s striped, plaid, made out of duct tape or alligator hide, it should fit your style.

A Coin Purse

A good wallet can also do the job of holding all of your loose change. On the other hand, it can make your wallet heavy and bulky. If you like having a lot of change on hand, consider buying a coin purse. Many wallets come with a matching coin purse or you can simply find one to match. A coin purse can double as a wallet. If you’re the carefree-messy type that just needs a spot for something, it works.

Wallet material

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to long-lasting material is usually leather. It is very durable but at the same time can be quite expensive. But if you’re looking for something to last you a long time, you’re probably going to enjoy the perks of leather. Try to avoid any imitation leather. With it comes a chance of tearing or fraying faster. Leather comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. If leather is not in your budget then try nylon twill, or vinyl. These materials are usually for the sportier customer. They are durable and sometimes even waterproof. Velcro and zippered closures make it harder to loose your valuables.

Price and Where to Buy?

Discount retailers will offer wallets in a range of $5-$40. Department stores will have more selection, with wallets in a range of roughly $20-$250. They provide higher end wallets that also come with a higher price tag. If its time to spoil yourself, brands such as Coach, Fendi, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Chanel will hit the spot. Their wallets start around $100, but the quality of products from these merchants is top notch, from fashionability to durability. Another plus when you buy from designers, your item is usually certified and you can register it. You get what you pay for - and style is always a plus.

Final note on wallets

Shopping for a wallet can be fairly easy. And the perfect wallet will keep you more organized. Before you take a trip to find the right one, make a list of your specific needs. It helps to know what you are looking for before you shop. You won’t waste your time, and you will end up with a wallet that you love. It’s probably a good idea to have more than one, depending on the type of occasion and outfit.  A wallet is a great accessory to any ensemble.

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