Top 10 Easter Crafts For Kids

Working on Easter crafts with your family is a great way to share the season. For many families, Easter and spring go hand-in-hand, so Easter crafts can range from a cute set of bunny ears to a basket that holds all of their treasures. For other families, Easter is a time of reflection about religious beliefs and their projects often have a spiritual theme. For everyone, having the family together is key. So grab the kids, spread out some newspaper and have fun celebrating the season with these projects for the whole family.

1. Easter eggs

No list of Easter crafts is complete without decorated eggs. There are so many ways to color them, it’s hard to pick just a few techniques, but we’ve included some of the easiest and most striking so everyone can get creative. These can all be done with hardboiled or blown eggs, whichever you prefer.

Sponge painted - Take a household sponge and cut it into pieces. Dip one piece in acrylic paint and lightly dab it on one side of the egg, so a good amount of white shows through. After that dries, do the same process with two more colors until the entire egg is covered.

Marbled - Mix 1 tbsp of oil, 1 tbsp of vinegar, and 1 tbsp of food coloring in a mug of water. Stir the liquid until the color swirls and quickly dip the egg. Repeat with one or two more colors until you get a marbled effect.

Reverse patterns - Wrap an egg with a criss-cross of rubber bands or cover it with circular binder reinforcements or other stickers in fun shapes. Dye the egg as usual. When it is dry, take off the rubber bands or stickers to see the pattern. If you like, you can dip it in a second color so that the pattern takes on that color.

2. Bunny ears

This is one of the great preschool Easter crafts, and is fun for kids to wear all day. Cut a 2-inch strip of white paper about 2 feet long. Cut two ears from white paper and two smaller ear shapes from pink paper. Glue the pink ears to the white ears and then glue or staple the ears to the paper strip so they stick up behind the child’s head. Wrap the strip around the child’s head and tape it to fit. Get hopping!

3. Cardboard lamb

Get a cardboard toilet-paper tube and wrap black pipe cleaners around it in the front and back to form legs. Glue cotton balls all around the tube to look like wool. Wad up some tissue paper and stuff it in the tube so that some is sticking out both the front and back ends. Glue more cotton balls to cover the tail end. Cut a small square out of black felt and wrap it around the paper on the front end, tucking the excess in the tube to form the face. Glue this in place. Cut two small triangles and glue them above the face for the ears. Glue more cotton balls around the head to cover the edges of the face. You can either cut small eyes out of a different color of felt, or glue on “google eyes” from a craft store. And there you have one of the cutest Easter crafts for kids!

4. Easter basket

There are many ways to make an Easter basket that can be a fun table decoration at an Easter party or used to collect eggs on Easter morning. Take an empty plastic strawberry container and weave different colors of ribbon through the holes to make pretty patterns. Save containers that might make good baskets as you eat prepackaged food. Empty oatmeal containers, laundry soapboxes and large margarine containers can all be covered with fabric and fitted with a handle for a unique Easter basket. A green two-liter soda bottle with the top cut off and stuffed with grass makes a cute and easy basket.

5. Basket full of chicks

Dye some cotton balls yellow using food coloring or egg dye. When they are dry, draw or glue on black eyes and an orange paper beak. Color a cardboard egg carton green and glue the chicks into the cups. Garnish with paper grass and tiny flowers.

6. Jelly bean carrots

This is one carrot that everyone likes. Get a large plastic food bag and fill one corner with orange jellybeans until it is the size of a large carrot. Twist the open end tight and cut off the excess. Trim some green tissue paper and stick it out of the top to form the carrot’s greens and tie it shut with a twist tie or rubber band. These are great as party favors or placeholders on the Easter table.

7. Greenhouse

This quick and easy Easter craft celebrates spring. Take a clear plastic two-liter bottle and cut the top off. Plant a small pot with herb seeds and water well. Set the bottle upside down over the pot to form a small greenhouse. Water as needed and watch your garden grow.

8. Easter shirts

Take cotton T-shirts and insert cardboard inside to stiffen them. Using an oval cut-out, paint an egg shape on the center of each one with fabric paint. Have the kids decorate their eggs with puffy, glitter or regular fabric paints until they have a one-of-a-kind wearable Easter craft. Wash as instructed.

9. Easter lilies

Make several of these to form a bouquet. Trace a child’s hands onto white paper and cut out. Tape the thumb and pinky together to form the flower. Use yellow construction paper or yellow pipe cleaners to make the center of the flower. Wrap the bottom with green tissue paper to form the leaf and secure onto a long green pipe cleaner “stem”.

10. Stained glass

Christian Easter crafts often utilize crosses, doves or other religious symbols. You can make a stained-glass silhouette of hands praying, an Easter lily or a church window. Take two pieces of waxed paper and place crayon shavings in between. Heat an iron to medium heat and have an adult use the iron to melt the crayon shavings until they swirl and form the “stained glass.” Take two pieces of heavy construction paper and cut the cross or dove design out of the middle of each one, taking care to make them identical. Sandwich your “stained glass” in between and glue together. Hang it in a window so the sun will shine through your colors.

While you are working on your Easter crafts, remember that it is as much about the process as it is about the finished result. Allow your child to do as much of the work as possible so that he or she can get the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Don’t worry if they dye their egg so much that it turns brown or that the paint on their shirt is uneven. The important thing is that you did the Easter crafts together.

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