Things No One Tells You About Being a New Mom

Found below are the things no one tells you about being a new mom.

1. The Relationship With Your Mother in Law Will Change - First off if you and your mother-in-law have been close you may find that the baby will cause unexpected tension. On the other hand if you and your mother-in-law had never seen eye-to-eye with each other you may be shocked to find that a baby helps you become buddies all the sudden.

2. You Will Develop an New Idea of What a Vacation Is - Having a manicure done at the salon will become the spiritual and emotional equivalent of a trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

3. You Will Discover a New Math Formula - You should first take the number of hours you have stared into the face of your first boyfriend and multiply that by 100 and that will be the amount of time you will stare at your sleeping baby's face.

4. Your New Bundle of Joy Will Shock You - You may find yourself shocked with many things your new bundle of joy will do. For instance the many times your baby will wet or poop in a day and wonder how is that possible.

5. You May Lose Friends or Gain Friends - You may find strained friendships will fall apart for good and that you will find new mom friends that will be supportive of you.

6. You Will Love Your Husband as Daddy - You may find you were upset about something your husband did, but you when you see him playing piggy back ride with your baby you may find that you are no longer upset with your husband.

7. You Will Have an Almost Non Existing Sex Life - With all the work being parents you will realize that your baby will do everything possible to make sure you will never have sex again.

8. Bring on Netflix - You may find yourself renting or even buying movies to try to keep your baby entertained long enough to have some you time if you are luck this will work congrats to you!

9. You Will Never Ever Find Motherhood Boring - With your little one demanding as much attention and time as possible you won't find the time to be bored. You will be lucky if you can get enough time to sleep a full 4 hours a night during the first few months of your baby's life.

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