Negative Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Negative calorie foods have less calories than it takes to digest them. They are fat burning food and assist us to lose weight. Your body doesn't need to use much energy to burn food fat into body fat. However, our bodies burn more energy, up to 20 times more, digesting protein than fat. So, by adding these foods to your diet or even making them your main diet, you will be able to increase your food consumption without gaining weight.

Negative calorie foods are healthy snacks

Celery: has a high fiber content, is mostly water and salt but this salt is natural and so many use celery to lower high blood pressure.

Cucumbers: have insoluble fiber so it passes through the intestinal tract and speeds up the passage of food and waste while at the same time, scrubbing the intestinal walls.

Apples: help reduce belly fat and pectin in the skin helps limit the fat your cells can absorb. The pectin and fiber in apples does not cause a sugar spike.

Cruciferous vegetables: these are cabbage-family vegetables and contain an ingredient that stops growth and expansion of fat cells because it reduces a bad form of estrogen and also synthetic estrogen's in the body (synthetic estrogen's come from petrochemicals and hormones fed to our food supply). DIM which comes from cruciferous vegetables is said to fight cancer cells.
Green leafy vegetables: filled with fiber and phytonutrients, they slow down digestion of fat, regulate appetite, normalize cholesterol and decrease body weight.

Citrus fruit: high in Vitamin C, they help burn fat cells, help regulate blood sugar and the rind helps the liver neutralize toxins.

Berries: loaded with fiber, they increase heat which boosts metabolism and burns calories. They also regulate a hormone produced by our fat cells that causes us to over-eat. And, they help get fat so it is burned for fuel, lover cholesterol and blood sugar and help brain function.

Almonds: high in protein and fiber and can be made into milk and/or flour.

Chicken: burns calories and depletes fat stores.

Eggs: whole eggs promote satiety and are high in nutrients.

Shrimp: high in nutrients and high in iodine and calcium which is known for fat-burning.

Tuna: boosts metabolism and helps the body form muscle.

Turkey: white meat turkey contains less fat and cholesterol than mnost other animal proteins along with a lot of nutrients and reduces stress because of its tryptophan content.

Nutrition warning

Night-shades and mushrooms are also on this list. However, I don't recommend either for the diet. Night-shades have a component close to nicotine. Another reason I don't recommend them is many are allergic to night-shades and this increases inflammation. Mushrooms have been found to pick up radiation and are therefore, unfit to eat at this time.

Negative calorie foods are fat burning foods and high in nutrition

Whether looking for a weight-loss diet or just wanting to add nutrition to the diet, these negative calorie foods are high in nutrition and are great for healthy snacks. They may also be used in salads, smoothies and main meals such as a stew. Negative calorie-foods are worth knowing about for any weight-loss diet.

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