Natural Remedies for Infant Colic

Infant colic is a term used to describe extremely long periods of inconsolable crying in a thriving, healthy baby. In simple words infant colic describes how a baby behaves rather than what a baby has. Infant colic is not at all dangerous, although it can be at times really frightening. This type of crying will cause no serious problems for your baby. Some signs that your baby may have colic if she or he cries excessively over a period of several days. Although this crying can occur at any time, it usually gets worse in the evening and late afternoon. Colic normally appears in the first few weeks after birth and the cause isn't known. It will generally last for three to four months.

Here are some natural remedies that my friend used on her baby suffering from colic. It took her at least a month to research and put together some remedies to help other mothers whose babies suffer from colic. The remedies are listed below:

Chamomilla - a well-known homeopathic remedy for infant colic and teething.

Mag. Phos - An effective and gentle homeopathic painkiller and is often recommended to safely treat cramping pain. It is suitable for all age groups including small babies.

iBaba - is a natural herbal colic remedy and natural cure for a colic baby and helps relieve digestive distress and cramping.

Hylands Colic Tablets - Are little white tablets that can be dissolved in water and then given to the baby.

Corn Syrup - Mix a small amount of corn syrup in a spoonful of warm water and give to your baby. This usually calms a colic baby and will help them sleep better.

Asafetida - Warm a small pinch of asafoetida in a tablespoon of water and place it into your babies belly button. Strange as this sounds it has been known to work wonders.It is said that people in India use this remedy often.

Onion - Peel a small onion and boil it until it is soft. Now drain and save the water to feed you baby 2 ounces after it has cooled.

Peppermint - Add a couple of drops to you babies bottle at meal time. Peppermint is said to be very soothing to the stomach. Research shows that peppermint oil can help with irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion symptoms. It is also good for relaxing the muscles around the intestines. The Romans also took advantage of the medicinal properties of peppermint and used it as a cure for stomach ailments.

Swaddling - Can help make a baby feel snug as a bug in a rug, which can calm an upset tummy. Swaddling is snuggly wrapping your baby in a blanket to make her feel secure and safe. Many parents claim that it calms their babies with colic.

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