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How to Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Medication

Chronic back pain is a horrible affliction that affects many people worldwide. This type of pain is diagnosed by the duration of symptoms. While short-term back pain may only last a few days or weeks, chronic pain can last several months or years. From an early age my dad has been a sufferer of this condition and as I've gotten older I've started to see signs of it myself, mostly due to many years snowboarding, hiking, and manual labor. Luckily, there are some simple ways to help cut down on this pain, if not alleviating it all together. Here are some great ways to help sooth the sometimes terrible muscle issues felt while experiencing chronic back pain.

1. Acupuncture - Some studies have shown that acupuncture, the treatment of body issues through micro needle placement on nerves, can be very effective in supplementing treatments for back pain. For maximum amount of relief continued therapy should be carried out over a series of weeks.

2. Massage Therapy - This is a treatment option that works well for both short and long term back pain. Not only will this relieve pain by loosening tightened muscles but also is known to alleviate anxiety and depression in patients.

3. Capsaicin Cream - Capsaicin is the ingredient in peppers and spicy food that gives off the hot flavor. This ingredient, when applied to skin, has been known to deteriorate neurochemical substances that transmit pain, often giving the user a analgesic effect. While originally this was a prescription treatment, capsaicin cream can be found over the counter at drug and grocery stores worldwide.

4. Vitamin D - When my dad first went to the doctor he found out that vitamin D deficiency can also be the cause of some forms of back pain. Supplementing this vitamin into your diet can lead to clinical improvement in back pain symptoms.

5. Magnesium - Magnesium is another mineral that could cause back pain if the levels in your body are not high enough. Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps the heart beating evenly, and regulates blood sugar. All of these symptoms could lead to an increase in back pain if left alone for long periods of time.

6. Yoga - Yoga is something that I try to do regularly to keep my muscles loose and flexible. This type of therapy is characterized by using different poses to help promote flexibility and strength in different sets of muscles throughout the body. With adamant practice yoga could do a great deal in relieving back pain and tension in chronic sufferers.

7. The Alexander Technique - This is a type of therapy that involves learning the proper way to hold your muscles to prevent unnecessary pain. Since I sti for a large deal of the day this technique has helped me a great deal. It teaches you to sit properly without slouching, which leads to muscle pain, tension and decreased mobility in adults.

8. Meditation - This is another form of therapy that is effective if you really do give it a chance. Meditation has been shown to enhance pain tolerance and pain management in many studies. This won't work for everyone or eliminate pain in those suffering severely but could be an effective tool against lower levels of back pain.

9. Shiatsu - Shiatsu massages are among my favorite treatments for a quick fix on my back pain. This usually involves two balls, often heated, that slowly move up and down the back. This can be performed by a massage therapist but it is not uncommon to find in the form of a mat you place between your back and chair. If I've had a rough day dealing with back pain, nothing can beat this treatment.

10. Releasing Endorphins - Several years ago after a snowboarding accident I noticed that when I was happy the pain I felt was significantly reduced. Doing something that makes you happy like eating chocolate, laughing, or listening to your favorite music could release endorphins that will lessen your pain. My favorite go to was watching stand up comedy on the internet.

These are all great ways to manage chronic back pain without the use of addictive or harmful medications. Remember, if you're suffering from extreme back pain contact your doctor for further assistance in managing your pain.



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