How to Properly Clean Your Baby Bottles

This is how to properly clean baby bottles which is important to your baby's health and well being.

1. Place a large pot of water on the stove to boil. While you are waiting for the water pot of water to boil now would be the time to gather all the bottles you plan to use.

2. Now put some dish soap in your kitchen sink and turn on the faucet until you get enough warm soapy water to wash the baby bottles in. This is where you will take the baby bottle brush and scrub the inside of the bottles with it and be sure to use a small brush to properly clean the nipples of the bottle.

3. Once you are done washing the baby bottles you should check to see if your pot of water is boiling. If the pot of water on the stove is boiling you can drop three bottles in the pot at a time and add the nipples later. You should allow all parts of the baby bottles to boil for at least ten minutes.

4. When ten minutes is up you can use tongs to remove the bottles from the boiling water and place them in the dish strainer to dry out.

5. Once your baby bottles are dry you can put the formula in the bottle and place in the fridge.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your baby's bottles:

1. Once your baby is finished with the bottle you should rinse the bottle with cool water and if you are not going to wash the bottle right away you should allow the cool water to soak in the bottle.

2. When washing the baby bottles use the bottle brush to clean the collars and crevices of the bottle. They tend to habor the most bacteria.

3. You prolly know this already but never ever warm a bottle in the microwave. Baby bottles that have been warmed in the microwave will have hot spots that can seriously burn your baby's mouth.

4. If there is a layer of sticky left over formula at the bottom of the bottle you can add two tablespoons of uncooked rice to the bottle. Once the rice is in the bottle fill it half full with water and shake the bottle vigorously. Be sure to rinse the bottle out once the formula stain is gone.

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