How to Make Thai Curry

If you are wondering how to make Thai Curry, it might be a good idea to consider the roots of the custom of  authentic Thai cooking.  Curries are one-pot meals that originate in regions of the world like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.  Curry is a stew-like dish made with coconut milk or water.  Different types of curries have different consistencies and robust flavors depending on their region.

Fast and Easy Thai Curries

In the native region of Thailand, here in America or just about anywhere in the world, people who know how to make Thai curry, enjoy the robust flavors of herbs, spices and choice meat mixed in this soup-like dish.  In Thailand and America, Thai families have curry meals daily as part of their native culture.  Whether yellow, green or red curry, with soupy or thick consistency, all types of Thai curry are flavorful.  These curries can be made to suit any type of filling, including seafood, tofu or vegetables.

Classic Yellow Thai Curry - If you enjoy curry, then you'll enjoy the fresh taste yellow curry.  Spices for yellow curry include madras, which can be found at local Asian and Indian markets; cayenne pepper, which can be adjusted for desired spiciness; ginger; garlic; cinnamon; and paprika.  Once you learn how to make Thai Curry, you may even wish to tweak the ingredients to add your own signature, just as the people of Thailand do.  The flavors of curry are bold and interesting, and this dish takes less than 25 minutes to prepare.  Thai yellow curry goes well with any meat, especially chicken and pork.

Thai  Curry Green - The savory taste of Thailand's finest curry and most popular paste is the green curry paste.  Dive into the spicy flavors of Thai green chilies, a few shallots, a little lemongrass and white pepper.  Add some coriander (root), garlic cloves, a touch Kaffir-lime rind, a dash of sea salt and some shrimp paste.  Ingredients that give the curry a pasty green color consist of round green eggplant, sweet basil and Kaffir-lime leaves.  Green curry is also an excellent choice for chicken and/or fish dumplings.

Thai Curry Red Paste - Red curry paste is yet another very popular Thai curry which goes well with an assortment for meat choices, such as chicken, beef, pork, duck and shrimp.  Red curry paste is also good with certain stir-fried vegetables.  Simple red curry paste ingredients include, however are not limited to: dried red chili peppers, cilantro (root), coriander, cumin, garlic, shallots, Kaffir-lime rind, white peppercorn, sea salt, lemongrass, galanga and shrimp paste.

Orange Thai Curry (Sour) - Orange curry is great with both pork and fish.  This sour curry requires only a short list of ingredients such as: shallots, dried red chili peppers, turmeric, shrimp paste and sea salt.  Pineapple, tamarind and other sour fruits are added to the curry, which gives it a sour yet sweet flavoring that is most excellent with fish.

There are countless other Thai Curry recipes and variations of the basic green, yellow and red Thai curries.  If you want to bring a little of Thailand into your home, without going out, go online and look up some excellent Thai curry recipes.

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