How to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Bath

There are so many reasons as to why your 2-year-old becomes deathly frightened of getting a bath. Understanding why your toddler is fearful can help you figure out how to reassure her. Any negative previous experiences in the bath are important to consider though at times for no apparent reason, your toddler may decide she hates having baths. Also if you don't know why she is afraid, it's best to keep her out of the tub for now.

Here are some ideas to try to help resolve your toddler's fear of the bath listed below:

Sponge Bath - This often can be done on a towel, in the sink, or beside the sink. Make sure the water is warm and not to hot or cold. Then once she is used to that, try sitting her in the sink with some water in it. and if this is comfortable for her, you can gradually reintroduce her to the tub. I wish you the best of luck with this one.

Tear Free Shampoo - If your toddler got shampoo in her eyes it maybe why she she has developed fear of the bathtub. If you haven't been using the tear free shampoo I suggest you give it a try and reintroduce her to the bathtub slowly.

Cover the Bath Drain - As we adults and older kids know we can't get sucked down the drain, but a young toddler doesn't believe so. If your young toddler fears getting sucked down the drain try to cover the drain if at all possible and slowly find ways to prove that they can not get sucked down the drain.

Toys -  Place your child's favorite toys into the bathtub and let your toddler stick his or her hand into the water to play with them. Try to place your child into the water if they seem interested in playing in the tub with the toys and introduce water puppets.

Sink Bath - You can place your toddler into the sink and place toys with him or her. If you have to allow her take a doll or a stuff animal into the sink bath with her to give the sense of comfort.

Bubbles - You can add bubbles to your toddlers bath to try to make bath time more interesting and fun. If at all possible you should use scented bubbles.

Colored Bath Water - You can make your toddler's bath more colorful by adding bath bombs or other water color changing bath item.

Play Music - You should try some music that your toddler likes to listen to or even place some musical toys into the bath water.

Allow Your Toddler to Bathe With You - It may comfort her knowing that a trusted adult will help keep her safe or from going down the drain.

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