How Many Calories in Pad Thai?

When I went on a three-month trek around Thailand a few years ago, I assumed I would lose weight effortlessly because I wouldn't be filling up on my regular diet of carbs and convenience food. I'm not alone -- when it comes to food, we tend to assume that Asian cuisine is healthier than North American fare. After all, while our food tends to be high in fat, refined carbs and sugar and other processed ingredients, Asian food tends to be low in fat and high in veggies.

But how accurate are our assumptions about Asian cuisine? I'll tell you one thing -- I didn't lose weight on a diet of green curry with rice, pad thai and tom kha gai soup. In fact, I gained a couple. So I wonder ...

How many calories in a serving of Pad Thai?

1. 250 cal
2. 480 cal
3. 730 cal
4. 940 cal

The answer? A surprising 940 calories and 34 g of fat in a full order of the noodle dish, which is typically served with veggies, egg, tofu and peanuts. Oh. my. goodness. That's a heck of a lot of calories. If it's any consolation, most people don't eat a full serving -- I know that I usually leave half or a quarter of my portion behind.

If you're going for Thai food any time soon, I would recommend trying a curry with a side of rice instead -- they have fewer calories, less carbs, more veggies and the spiciness of the dish helps control your appetite.

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