How Many Calories in Nachos?

When I get together with friends over beers, we always manage to order a big plate of nachos to share. Now, I'm not naive enough to think they're good for me -- there's no way cheese and meat on already-unhealthy nacho chips wouldn't be bad for the old waistline -- but I usually just pick away at them in rare conversation lulls so I never really consider the calorie count. But in honour of Super Bowl, let's consider just how much damage a few nachos will do to your diet.

How many calories in a serving of nachos with cheese, ground beef and peppers?

1. 860 cal
2. 570 cal
3. 475 cal
4. 250 cal

The answer is 570 calories and 31 g of fat in 6 to 8 nachos. That's not such a crazy number, but I assumed it would cover at least 10 nachos. I mean, 6 to 8 is nothing when you're having a good time--I could easily eat double or three times that much without thinking about it. Yikes.

A better choice would be nachos and salsa (the cheese and beef is killer) or even better ... some veggies. But if you're crazy about football, I don't think it's a big deal if you go crazy just this once on the nachos.

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