Getting Fresh With A Fruit Smoothie

Have you had your fruit smoothie today? According to the USDA, we should all be eating a minimum of five servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Are you meeting your quota? There are plenty of reasons to get hip to enjoying a creamy fruit smoothie.  Not only will your taste buds delight in the many tantalizing combinations that you can create, but your body will thank you for the hefty dose of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that these fruity drinks pack. There is nothing better than eating healthy without feeling like you're eating healthy, right? So get on board the fruit-smoothie bandwagon and find out how to make these yummy concoctions right in your own kitchen.

Fruit smoothies may seem like time-consuming creations, but the truth is that these delicious drinks are not hard at all – and they will give you plenty of nutrition for your effort. By trying out a variety of recipes that you can find on the Internet, tweak the recommendations until you discover how to make a fruit smoothie that will suit you best. The key is to simply get down and dirty with your blender and your fruit basket to see what you can concoct. As a starting guide, here are seven ideas for fruit smoothie combinations your taste buds are sure to love.

When the season is right, the fresh-fruit smoothie is definitely the way to go. Bananas are available year round, and there are plenty of delicious banana fruit smoothie recipes to try. Other popular fresh-fruit choices include mango, pineapple and a variety of berries.

1. Frozen-Fruit Smoothie
If you are in a tropical mood but there is no tropical fruit available in the produce section, frozen is another option to try. The nice thing about the frozen fruit is that it blends well from its frozen state for a great smoothie texture. You can also thaw and rinse the fruit before you use it in your frozen-fruit smoothie, tossing in some ice cubes to give your drink that extra chill. Frozen fruits that work well include blueberries, strawberries and tropical combinations like papaya and mango.

2. All-Fruit Smoothie
Many fruit smoothie recipes include other ingredients like yogurt or soy milk to give it the creamy texture. However, you can get the same flavor without the additional dairy by creating an all-fruit smoothie using orange juice or apricot nectar as the base. Any type of fruit juice will do, or you can opt for water if you don't want to add the sugar content that many fruit juices contain. For additional punch, throw in a bit of protein powder to make up for missing nutrients that the yogurt or soy milk would have supplied.

3. Rise-and-Shine Fruit Smoothies
If you are starting out your day with your favorite fruit smoothie, make sure it is rich in metabolism-boosting protein. Add skim milk or a serving of protein powder to ensure that you are getting the energy your body requires.

A tropical smoothie with fresh pineapple and orange juice as the main ingredients or bananas blended with berries or tropical fruits create a memorable morning concoction. Morning fruit smoothies can be made the night before and kept in the freezer for a quick morning starter.

4. Dessert Smoothies
If you find yourself craving something sweet after the kids go to bed, try a dessert smoothie that will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a hefty dose of nutritional benefits. Accomplish this by throwing in some sweeteners with your fresh fruit that will give your smoothie the richness you desire. Some good choices are honey, caramel or chocolate.

For a really decadent option, crush Oreo cookies or vanilla wafers and add them to the mix for a fruit blend thick enough to eat with a spoon. Fat-free frozen yogurt is another good source that will sweeten the pot and make you feel like you've had a naughty treat even though it was mostly good for you.

Let the kids in on the action by whipping up a batch of dessert smoothies that everyone can enjoy. Your kids might like these fruity shakes so much they won't even think about how good the smoothies are for them!

5. Vegetable Smoothies
Who says that fruit gets to have all the fun? Veggies are just as packed with essential nutrients and can taste just as yummy in the right combination.

Vegetable juices like carrot and tomato can be used as the foundation for many smoothie combinations, and juicy vegetables like cucumber and bell peppers can be blended as smoothly as some fruits. Bananas and strawberries mixed with vegetables make a smoothie that tastes as good as it sounds. For an extra kick to your vegetable smoothie, toss in some ingredients like pepper, onions and a dash of hot sauce. You can even sneak spinach into some fruit smoothie combinations as long as you keep the amount small and well blended.

6. Banana Fruit Smoothies
Bananas are one of nature's most perfect foods, packed with nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Just about anything tastes
good in combination with this amazing fruit.

Strawberries, blueberries, peaches and pineapple all work well in a banana fruit smoothie. For a sweet, vitamin-packed dessert, add bananas to frozen vanilla yogurt with a dash of chocolate sauce. If you are looking for a flavorful breakfast smoothie, try spicing up your bananas with almond extract and a pinch of cinnamon. The sky is the limit when you are learning how to make a fruit smoothie that begins with a banana.

A fruit smoothie is the perfect way to start or end your day. With a selection of low-cal ingredients, it can be the dieter's dream, offering a sweet option that won't throw off the scale. If you want your fresh-fruit smoothie to pack a mean nutritional punch, you can toss in ingredients like protein powder, wheat germ or flaxseed oil. For extra calcium, don't forget the skim milk or low-fat yogurt.

In fact, yogurt can give twice the benefit by including the immune-boosting acidophilus to the mix. Whatever you decide to add to your fruit smoothie, entice yourself to drink the vitamin-packed beverages every chance you get. Get fresh and feel smooth with healthy treats that your body will love as much as your taste buds!

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