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A quick and easy fruit tart recipe combines the great taste of your favorite fruit varieties atop a rich creamy custard filling served in a tart shell and is a mouthwatering eye catching dessert that's heavenly to the senses.  When making a fresh fruit tart recipe, the fun is in the preparation which merely takes less than an hour but to the family and dinner guest it looks as if you spent all day.

How to Make Fresh Fruit Tarts the Easy Way

The best part of making a fruit tart is the exciting combination of fruit flavors. Especially when using seasonal fruit and year round fruit.  Choose from among your favorite fruits such as cherries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and raspberries.  Many others will also suffice.  Just about any fruit can be used to create a great fresh fruit tart dessert everyone can appreciate.  The key is to use a "fruit fresh" product to keep the fruit looking it's best and avoid browning.  Fresh summer fruit tarts are especially pleasing to  kids.  They are colorful, cool and reasonably sweet.

The crisp flakey tart shell  requires the most preparation time.  Creating a light flakey or deep crisp tart shell is where creativity is the key component. Most tart shells are sprayed or glazed with a sweet apricot glaze or chocolate can even be used to keep the shell firm and alive with flavor. And since the fruit tart shell can be created in small single serving sizes, this makes whipping up a fruit tart dessert a favorite for each guest, especially if it's topped with their favorite fruit.

The creamy custard like filling creates the sweet richness of the fruit tart.  Most cream fillings are made from scratch using the finest ingredients.  Many Gourmet chefs use lemon curd, Devonshire cream and/or cream cheese.  This is what gives the fruit tart a mixture of sweet and sour flavors that wakes up the flavor of fresh fruit and weds it perfectly with the flakey tart shell.  Using traditional French fruit tart custard filling recipes requires flavorful liqueurs, vanilla and sometimes coffee.   Fruit slices can be added to give the fruit tart that special gourmet flare.

All fruit tart recipes require the preparation of making the tart shells and the creamy custard filling at least two hours before serving. Fresh fruit can also be cleaned and pre sliced hours before dessert and chilled.   And since fruit tarts are best when served chilled placing the custard filling in a separate bowl from the fruit while refrigerating is the best way to keep the fruit tarts tasting fresh and keep them from getting soggy.   It's always best to serve fruit tarts the same day as prepared to ensure the freshness of all the ingredients. Go online and look up some great tasting fruit tart recipes and try your hand at making a gourmet dessert tonight that everyone will enjoy.

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