Easter Games for Kids

Looking for some Easter games to play with the kids? Here are some Easter activity ideas ranging from Colored Eggs to Where is the Baby Chick?

Maybe your child has a birthday party around Easter, you want to have an Easter party for the kids, or you just want to have a fun day with an Easter theme for this spring holiday. Enjoy these simple and easy games for some family fun.

Play Colored Eggs

This is a good game to get the kids to run off some energy at Easter. One person is the wolf, one person is Mother Hen and the rest are eggs. The person who is the Mother Hen (or Easter Rabbit if you want to make it more Easter-themed) will whisper a color into the ear of each child, who is an egg, and he will have to remember it. Each player should be given a different color. Then the person who is the wolf will visit Mother Hen and say he is interested in her eggs. She will say, “Which color?” The wolf names one color at a time, if he names the color of one of the eggs, then that ‘egg’ has to run to a chosen spot and back to the Mother Hen without being tagged. If the egg is tagged, he becomes the Wolf and the other child becomes an egg. If the egg is not tagged, he gets to go back and get a new color from Mother Hen.

The Egg and Spoon Race

This classic game works on kids' motor skills. Boil some eggs ahead of time and then give each child an egg and a spoon. Mark off an area for them to race along and have them try to get to the finish line without dropping their egg. If a child drops his egg, he just has to pick it up and put it back on the spoon and keep racing. You can announce a winner for the first one to cross the line and for the person who was able to get across the line without ever dropping the egg.

Egg Toss

Here is another game you can do with boiled eggs. Have the kids get into pairs and then see how long they can toss the egg back and forth without dropping it. To make it more difficult, after each toss you can have the kids step back a few steps each time so that the distance increases.

Where is the Baby Chick?

Get some construction paper in a variety of colors and cut out identical egg shapes in each of them. Have at least six egg cutouts in different colors. Then on a yellow piece of paper draw a little chick or you could also use brown paper and make an Easter Bunny. Lay the eggs on the table and then hide the chick under one of them, make sure that all the kids have their eyes closed. Then have each child take a turn guessing which colored egg the chick is hiding behind. You can also have the kids play this game with each other once they learn it.

This is a riff off the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Draw a picture of an Easter Bunny without a fluffy tail on big poster paper. Then make fluffy tails using white construction paper and glue on some cotton. If you want, you can have the kids put on their own cotton on to their tails and write their names on it ahead of time. Put tape on the back of the tails or a pin or tack through it. Post the bunny up on the wall. Then blindfold each child and get him to walk toward the poster and put the tail on the Easter Bunny. The person who gets the tail closest to the right spot wins.

Have some family fun with the kids over the Easter holidays or plan an Easter party for them with games like Pin the Fluffy Tail on the Easter Bunny, Where is the Baby Chick? and classic games like Colored Eggs and the Egg and Spoon Race.

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