Easter Brunch Ideas: Serve a Simple Holiday Meal of Favorite Foods

A successful brunch menu includes easy-to-make foods that fit in with the Easter season.

The excitement of Easter morning creates the ideal environment for a simple, lingering brunch. A late-morning meal of rich pastries, savory favorites and fresh fruit fits perfectly between an early church service and an afternoon egg hunt. The following brunch food ideas are easy enough to make the day before or while the kids dig through the Easter bunny goodies.

Three Brunch Menu Tips

Since a brunch is a mix of breakfast and lunch, there is a great opportunity to serve a creative menu. Hosts are not limited to sausage and egg casseroles or a platter of fried chicken. Instead, choose a menu that contains foods that work for either meal. Here are three good tips to having a successful brunch on Easter morning.

- Planning a brunch menu is simple when thinking in terms of courses. Include foods that work as appetizers, main dishes and dessert just like any other meal.
- Stick with a seasonal theme. Many foods see to made for Easter, and some are actually holiday traditions.
- Keep in mind prep time and ease of serving. Food that can be made ahead of time prevents stress on a busy Easter morning.

Serve Traditional Hot Cross Buns

A springtime tradition, hot cross buns are easy to make the day before Easter. Bring the kids into the kitchen for an afternoon of baking these brunch treats that can easily become a family tradition. Hot cross buns is a classic recipe with slight spicy flavor and x-shaped frosting on top.

Slice a Baked Ham

Ham is a traditional holiday food, perfect when served any time of day. To make it special for an Easter brunch, make it with a fruity glaze such as pineapple or strawberry preserves. The fruit flavor mimics the freshness of spring and combines with the salty ham for an unexpected taste. Serve it already sliced as a delicious accompaniment to an egg casserole or warm bread.

Bake a Savory Vegetable Quiche

A warm pie-like recipe is a good balance to other brunch treats that tends to veer on the sweet side. Eggs, an easy Easter food, are the base of any quiche recipe. Mix with fresh vegetables such as asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach for a delicious and healthy addition to an Easter brunch menu.

Consider a Waffle-Making Station

If the brunch hostess does not mind working as brunch takes place, then a waffle-making station is a fun way to celebrate on Easter morning. Serve plain waffles or mix together different batters such as pecan or chocolate chip, and let guests choose their favorite. Set up a topping bar with flavored syrups and a variety of toppings. Good choices include plain and flavored butter, fresh berries, whipped cream and nuts. Make sure everything has the appropriate serving utensil and, for a special touch, use tags to identify all of the toppings.

Celebrating Easter with a delicious brunch is special for family and friends. Keep it simple with a good menu plan that includes make-ahead dishes and traditional foods.

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