Does Strength Training Burn More Calories than Cardio?

Have You Ever Walked into the Gym and Thought, Where Do I Begin?

Have you been at home and thought you should start exercising but aren’t sure which exercises will be most effective?  Many people are confused about which exercises can give them the quickest results. Jim Karas, Chicago fitness trainer and best selling author, says that you don’t need to do cardio to get in shape.  In “Cardio Free Diet”, Jim Karas touts the benefits of strength training over walking, running and swimming.

Many fitness clubs offer classes called Sculpt & Fit or Shockwave, which incorporate strength training moves with cardio intervals and promise your body will melt off the fat and become a solid body. But do you really need cardio?

Does Strength Training Produce Better Results than Cardio?

The real truth is that your heart does need exercise. While working on your muscles, you may find some cardiovascular benefits.  However, while walking, running, or swimming may be your preferred exercise, most likely, one will not see an overall change in body fat percentages or sculpted toned muscles including your core, arms or glutes.

So don’t just walk or run. Do strength training moves at home. When you perform them without rest in between each set, you may find that you’re cardiovascular systems are being challenged too.  Hence, you have permission to skip the cardio. 

Because strength training exercises do not require any equipment but your own body weight, you can even take these on the road or in your hotel room.

The benefit of strength training exercises are they target both large and small muscle groups.  While some are more heart effective than others, all together, strength training exercises make up a total body and heart exercise regimen you can perform 3-5 times per week for a sculpted, shapely body before the holidays as long as you keep in mind that healthy, nutritious eating is a must as well.

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