Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

These smart tricks can help you cook your meal faster and get it on the table sooner!

Feed your hungry family faster by trying these simple tricks that will cut your cooking time in half! Frozen foods can be a pain to thaw but this cooking trick eliminates the pain of thawing! If you are having fish but it’s frozen, try this trick tonight. Also, check out these other four tips to get your grub on the dinner table faster tonight. Can you guess what these secret tips are? Do have your own cooking tricks?

Cut Down Your Cooking Time Instantly 

Taco Prep Trick

Preparing all the ingredients for a taco night is the most time consuming part. You need separate bowls for the cheese, lettuce, onions, pico, etc. Instead, in a large bowl, combine all the ingredients, toss like a salad and let everyone make their own tacos. This will save you time separating the ingredients. If everyone is happy having all the ingredients in their taco, then this trick will cut down your cooking time!

Soup in a Container Trick

There’s nothing better than homemade veggie noodle soup on a cold, winter day. But, it’s not always the fastest to prepare. To speed up the process, place thin egg noodles, a little sugar, powdered vegetable bouillon and some vegetables like shredded carrots, scallions and garlic into a container. Pour in some boiling water and let stew for 10 to 15 minutes. The noodles will become soft and the vegetables will become tender, and the water will turn into a savory broth.

Too Frozen For Dinner?

Making a healthy fish dish tonight? There’s no need to wait for the frozen fish to thaw. You can throw it in a skillet with all the other ingredients like vegetables or sauce and it will sauté, broil and roast and the juices will just infuse the pan, helping it to cook faster.

Freezing Meat Trick

If you’re making a dish like stir fry, cutting beef into those small, thin pieces can be a pain. Throw the beef in the freezer for 20 minutes. It will make it easier to slice the perfect pieces!

The Oven Trick

Cast-iron skillets are the perfect cooking buddy and are excellent conductors of heat. But, cut down your cooking time by sticking it in the oven while the oven warms up. Whatever you are cooking, adding the ingredients to the hot pan will also give the food a nice browned edge.

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