Choosing Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is a dietary trend that is chronically growing in our country. There are many who have been privy to the way we slaughter animals and have opted to stay away from the process by not partaking in meat products. Many people give up meat or significantly reduce their meat intake in order to come to a better relationship with their health. Fatty meats can send someone with a heart condition into serious turmoil. However, the biggest reason that vegetarianism is on the rise is weight control. Unless you substitute your meats with a lot of pasta and pizza, most vegetarians are thin and appear healthy.

Vegetarianism can be a very healthy lifestyle and it can offer you a simple short cut to weight loss and even additional energy. Not everyone responds to meat products well. Whether you choose to go vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian you still need to consider your health requirements. Without meat products your body is not receiving the protein that is necessary for your daily health, nor is it receiving essential fatty acids that you heart needs. Vegetarians can usually get a certain amount of protein through the milk products they consume. If you still eat eggs, watch your cholesterol but remember that eggs are a fabulous source of protein. Flexitarians eat meat products on occasion. While the dabbling of a meat product helps keep the fatty acids, Omega 3, and protein lipids flowing, you have to supplement in between your affairs with meat.

The group of vegetarians that is at the highest risk for health complications from vegetarianism would be vegans. Have your blood tested. It is not uncommon for a vegan to be admitted to the hospital for a serious or life threatening condition or illness only to find that there is not one ounce of protein in the blood, no Omega 3 fatty acids pumping through the heart, and no B vitamins that proteins provide.

Supplementation is essential for all vegetarians, but especially for vegans. Your body simply can not survive without these essential ingredients. A healthy vegan lifestyle can increase your life span, reduce your waist line, and of course help increase animal rights awareness. However, an unhealthy vegan lifestyle is likely to shorten your life. Nuts, legumes, soy products, and tofu can easily be added to a vegan lifestyle. Additionally, over the counter supplements like Flaxseed Oil uses no animal products but supplies the essential Omega 3 fatty acids and other lipids that are necessary for a healthy life.

Vegetarianism is growing by leaps and bounds as we become a more aware society. More children are being raised as vegans and more families are devoted to a lifestyle of awareness. This is a fabulous revolution provided that awareness starts with the effects of food on the body and proper supplementation.

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