Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

A chocolate chip cookie cake is a wonderful centerpiece for a dinner party. Not necessarily the most elegant of desserts, a chocolate chip cookie cake nonetheless holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Chocolate chip cookie cakes are a reminder of childhood, when no cookie was too big and chocolate chip cookies were the best dessert in the world. Because of these cultural connotations, a dressed up chocolate chip cookie cake can be appropriate to even a formal party atmosphere. Of course, for casual events a giant chocolate chip cookie is always appropriate and a lot of fun as well.

Should you purchase your chocolate chip cookie cake or should you bake one from scratch? The answer to this question depends on many factors from your budget to your baking skills. Many people feel that nothing beats a fresh-baked dessert. It is true that pulling a freshly baked, piping hot chocolate chip cookie cake from the oven will impress everyone present with your baking ability. Nonetheless, the desire to show off your talents is not necessarily the overriding factor in your decision. If you are coordinating a large and complicated party, you may wish to purchase the cake simply to save yourself both time and energy.

Should you decide to purchase your chocolate chip cookie cake, you will find a wide variety of online suppliers from which to choose. From well-known and respected companies such as Mrs. Fields to smaller suppliers who pride themselves on customization and personalized service, the market is filled with those eager to sell you a cake.

When deciding on a company to supply your chocolate chip cookie cake, many factors should go into making your final decision. Read online reviews of the cake itself as well as the company’s customer service. Be certain that you understand exactly what size cake you will be purchasing and how many people it is designed to serve. Then do your own math to determine if the serving size will be acceptable for your event. Often the recommended serving size is much smaller than what most people would consider to be a reasonable serving.

Many local baked goods shops can also provide a personalized chocolate chip cookie cake with advance notice. If you have a favorite local bakeshop, it is worth paying a visit to the shop to see if the bakers can meet your needs. Be sure to discuss both price and ingredients, especially if the shop does not normally offer chocolate chip cookie cakes as part of its repertoire.

Of course, personal experience is the best teacher. Therefore, if the cake will be served at an important event, it is highly recommended that you order a sample cake well in advance of the event. Order the same customized decorations and personalized touches that will be on the final cake. Take note of the company’s customer service, shipping times and quality of the product that you receive. Of course, you will also want to taste test the cake to be certain that it meets your expectations for both taste and texture.

Likewise, if you choose to make your chocolate chip cookie cake yourself, there are innumerable recipes to guide you. Many elaborate recipes are available from such well-respected chefs as Emeril Lagasse, while simple recipes from unknown home chefs are also readily available. Try to avoid any recipe that is based on a mix, but otherwise feel free to experiment and use a recipe that works best for your needs or create your own. As with a purchased cake, be sure to test your final recipe well in advance of the date of your event.

A chocolate chip cookie cake makes an excellent gift idea. Unlike more delicate dessert items that are prone to falling or deflating in transit, a hearty and stable chocolate chip cookie cake can easily stand up to the rigors of transportation. Chocolate chip cookies cakes can be decorated or otherwise personalized in the same manner as any other cake. Additionally, a chocolate chip cookie cake strikes a special chord in children and adults alike, making it the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Many Americans are currently on gluten-free diets for health reasons. It is possible to adapt gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipes to work with a chocolate chip cookie cake recipe. This ensures a rich and sumptuous dessert for all of your guests, even those whose gluten intake is restricted.

Endless debates have raged for years on the wisdom of reducing fat and/or sugar in dessert recipes.

Many supporters of this reduction feel that since curbing fat and sugar are keys to a healthy diet, all intake of both substances should be curtailed. Others point to the fact that many people cannot consume large quantities of fat and/or sugar due to medical conditions.

On the other side of the debate are those who feel that desserts are a special treat. They feel that cutting the fat and/or sugar reduces the overall quality of the dessert. They point out that even those on severely restricted medical diets are allowed a certain number of grams per day of the restricted substance. Those on this side of the debate feel that quality should win out over quantity, drawing the reasonable conclusion that those grams of fat or sugar could be spent on several servings of a low quality dessert or just one serving of a dessert of higher quality.

There is no one “right answer” to the question of whether to take steps to make your chocolate chip cookie cake lower in fat and/or sugar. If you choose to go this route, however, be aware that substitutions and adjustments will likely affect everything from baking time to texture of the finished product. Use the highest quality ingredients for substitution and be sure to carefully taste test your new creation prior to serving. You might even wish to make both versions for an important party or event: the high fat, high sugar original and a dietetic version for those who prefer it.

While this solution entails more work for you, it does ensure that all of your guests will be happy whether or not they are on restricted diets.

Chocolate chip cookie cakes speak to the child in all of us. As a culture, we have learned to associate desserts in general and chocolate in particular with love, warmth and security. A fresh baked chocolate chip cookie cake will excite and impress those who are gathered around, by not only its look but also its smell. However, a store-bought chocolate chip cookie cake will evoke nearly identical emotions in those whom it reaches.

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner for a hundred or a backyard barbecue for your immediate family, consider serving a chocolate chip cookie cake for dessert. One of the rare desserts that can be dressed up or down according to the circumstances, the chocolate chip cookie cake makes a wonderful gift as well. Bake your own and adjust the recipe for fat, sugar, gluten or other dietary restrictions as you see fit. Or simply order a cake from a local bake shop or online supplier. However you choose to obtain the chocolate chip cookie cake, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that it will be well received.

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