Canning Peaches and Pears

Can homegrown peaches and pears to have them all year round. Always pick unblemished perfect fruits to can and ones that have not been bruised or damaged by insects. Can in either pint or quart sizes. Use the Basics of Canning Fruit to can these two fruits.

Canning Peaches Raw Packed

Peaches can be raw or hot canned. Both require syrup to be made and poured into the jars along with the fruit.
  1. Wash peaches then impale on a fork and dip in boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds. Then dip in cold water. This will loosen the skin and it will be easier to remove.
  2. Cut peaches in half and remove pit. Then cut in slices. Peach slices will begin to turn dark after coming in contact with the air. To prevent this prepare ¾ cup lemon juice to 1 gallon of water and simply drop the slices into the preparation. When done slicing all peaches drain and dab dry with a paper towel.
  3. Pack pint or quart jars with fruit leaving ½” headspace near the opening of the jar.
  4. Pour prepared syrup over top making sure to continue to leave ½" headspace.
  5. Place lids on jars and screw on rims.
  6. Place on a rack in a water bath canner and process pints for 25 minutes and quarts for 30 minutes at altitudes of 0 to 1000 feet. Process pints 30 minutes and quarts 35 minutes for altitudes of 1001 to 3000 feet, pints 35 and quarts 40 minutes for altitudes 3001 to 6000 feet, and pints 40 minutes and quarts 45 for altitudes 6001 to 9000 feet.
  7. Remove from canner with a jar lifter and place on a clean towel. It will take 12 to 24 hours for the jars to completely cool and seal. Do not move them until after 24 hours.

Canning Peaches Hot Packed

  1. Wash, peel and slice fruit as in Raw Packing and also prepare syrup.
  2. Instead of placing fruit in the jars put in a pan and heat in syrup simmering for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Pack hot fruit and syrup in jars leaving ½” headspace.
  4. Place lids on jars and screw on lids.
  5. Place in a water bath canner and process pints 20 minutes and Quarts 30 minutes for altitudes 0 to 1000 feet. At 1001 to 3000 feet process pints at 25 minutes and Quarts at 30. Process pints 30 minutes and Quarts 35 for altitudes of 3001 to 6000 and pints at 35 minutes and quarts at 40 minutes for altitudes of 6001 to 9000 feet.

Canning Pears

Pears can be processed exactly the same way as peaches both raw and hot packed. The only difference is you don’t have to dip them in boiling water then cold to remove the skins, just simply peel them.

Canning your homegrown peaches and pears and other fruits will allow you to have the benefits of your fruit all year round.

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