Best 5 Easter Egg Crafts for School or Home

Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Spring is in the air and the world has cloaked itself in flowers, baby animals and colored jellybeans. Children eagerly await the arrival of the Easter bunny and schools and homes are environments for creativity. Let us celebrate this joyous time creating art and crafts projects that will delight children.

Homemade Foil Designer Eggs

  1. Cut a large egg out of cardboard
  2. Glue pipe cleaners on the egg, creating simple lines, zigzags, wiggly lines and so on.
  3. Cut shapes from craft foam and glue onto egg.
  4. When the glue is dry on the cardboard, cover the whole egg with foil. Press the foil gently down so the outlines and bumps appear through the foil.
  5. Tape the foil to the back of the egg.
  6. Color all the lines and shapes with permanent markers.
  7. Yarn Easter Eggs
  8. Blow up a rather large balloon that will look like a giant Easter egg.
  9. Dip pastel colored yarn pieces in styrofoam trays cover with glue.
  10. Wrap the yarn around the balloon till the balloon is almost covered in yarn.
  11. Tie a piece of yarn to the place where you blew up the balloon and tied.
  12. Hang the balloon up to dry.
  13. When the yarn is completely dry, you can pop the balloon and pull it out between the yarn.

Easy Glitter Eggs

  1. Cut or buy egg shapes out of foam or foam trays.
  2. Outline the egg with glitter glue, then add stripes, circles, squiggles and so on.

Stuffed Eggs

  1. Cut two identical large egg shapes out of newspaper.
  2. Staple around the egg leaving an opening.
  3. Stuff the egg with more newspaper till it puffs up.
  4. Staple close the opening.
  5. Cover the egg with white tissue paper and glue.
  6. Let dry then paint.

Stained Window Egg

  1. Draw and cut out a oval from a piece of poster board. The poster board can be black or assorted colors.
  2. Place newspaper on table, then a piece of white tissue larger than the egg on top of the newspaper.
  3. Mist the tissue paper with water just till it is damp.
  4. Let drops of pastel food coloring fall onto the paper.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Cut shapes out of the poster board egg. But do not cut through the edge on into each shape.
  7. Put a thin layer of glue on one side of the egg and gently lay it on top of the colored tissue.
  8. Hole punch at the top and tie a string on for hanging.
Teachers and parents will have as much fun getting children create these great Easter Egg crafts. The classroom and walls at home will look very festive and the smiling faces of children will let you know that they enjoyed the creative process as much as the end results.

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