All-Natural Ways to Give Unsightly Corns the Boot

Having healthy, well-kept feet is something we should all aim for. Even if the long, hot days of summer are over and our sandals and flip flops are safely tucked away for the season, having unattractive feet can still leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. One of the most unappealing things that often are left uncared for on feet are corns, yet they are fairly easy to remove with natural, do-it-yourself preparations.

Corns are areas on your feet, usually appearing on the tops of your toes, that are made of raised, thick, and often discolored skin. Podiatrists report that they are normally caused by friction from a pair of ill fitting shoes against the area, which over time creates a small callous, or corn. Although we tend to think of corns as something that affects the elderly, many young people can get them, and they do make your feet look aged and uncared for. The good news is, that you can get rid of corns and keep them from recurring by trying one of several natural methods in the convenience of your own home.

All-Natural Ways to Give Unsightly Corns the Boot

One of the most popular methods of corn removal is to use Castor Oil, applying it to the affected areas after washing your feet. Castor oil will harden the corn, which in turn will make it easier to slough off with a pumice stone. This normally can take anywhere from 3-5 days for the corn to be completely smoothed out.

A little less well-known yet quicker method is to use apple cider vinegar in conjunction with tea tree oil. To use this treatment, soak a cotton ball or pad with apple cider vinegar and let it sit on the corn for 5 minutes, then pat dry. After the area is dry, take another cotton ball soaked with tea tree oil and let it sit on the affected area for another 5 minutes, after which time you will remove the cotton ball and let your foot air dry. Continue this treatment for 2-3 days until you notice that the corn is starting to peel up, you can them smooth the area out with a pumice stone.

If the treatments above are not the most appealing, since they do tend to have stronger smells or be a little oily, then the lemon juice and aspirin corn treatment may be what you are looking for. In order to prepare this corn dissolver, you want to crush up approximately 3 or 4 aspirin tablets and add them to a teaspoon of lemon juice. You can use either fresh squeezed or pre-bottled lemon juice. When you have added the aspirin to the lemon, gently mix it together until it becomes a thick paste and then place the paste on your corns and leave it there for ten minutes. Use this treatment daily until you notice the corn literally starting to disappear. When the corn has become much smaller in dimension, use a pumice stone to finish it off.

Whether you love to wear sandals, go barefoot, or just know that your feet look great for whatever the occasion, it is important to know how to treat foot blemishes, like corns, should the moment arise. Buying commercially prepared "cures" for corns can be expensive, full of harsh chemicals, and in many cases not necessarily effective. Home remedies for treating unsightly corns can be extremely effective, inexpensive and safe for both your feet and the environment. We all deserve to have great looking feet, and now it's easier then ever to do so!

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