A Woman’s Guide to Cocktails

A simple guide to cocktails can help make your next night out with the girls a more enjoyable event. Having knowledge of the types of drinks that exist in addition to your typical favorites can expand your horizons. The basic idea behind a cocktail is that it is typically a distilled drink – gin, vodka, tequila or something similar – that gets combined with at least one other drink. Because of the limitless possibilities, you have probably never heard of many delicious cocktails. With the following guide to cocktails, try to find a few that sound interesting for your next outing at the bar or club.

The Incredible Hulk

Also known as the Green-eyed Monster, this green drink is made by mixing the French fruit liqueur Hypnotic with cognac. The two drinks are poured equally over ice, resulting in a green hue when they are all combined. It was created at a party thrown by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs when the bartender was trying to find a colorful drink that men would enjoy as much as women did. The blue drinks were too girly, so the bartender created this green drink that everybody enjoyed. It is now a popular cocktail that has made appearances in music videos and has been mentioned in several hip-hop songs.


The Paradise cocktail is typically made by mixing equal parts of gin and brandy in a shaker. Add ice to the mixture and shake all of it together before straining it into a cocktail glass. Apricot brandy gives this a particularly good taste, and some bartenders will even add orange juice for an extra kick.

The Paradise is generally a drink that people enjoy before dinner, but it tastes just as good no matter when you decide to drink it.


The Zombie was given its name because of the effect it has on those who drink it. This cocktail is typically stronger than others and it has gone through many phases since its beginnings in the 1930s. It uses several fruit juices, rums and liqueurs to achieve its taste and mind-numbing effects. The most common ingredients used in a Zombie are equal parts of white rum, golden rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, apricot brandy, and papaya juice. Add 151-proof rum and a tiny bit of syrup, and you have a deliciously strong drink. For an extra thrill, you can light the drink on fire because of the high proof of the rum. Add a cherry when it’s done to finish it off.

Tom and Jerry

Created in the early 1800s, this Christmastime favorite still pleases people at the clubs and the bars during the holiday season. Using eggnog, brandy and rum, this popular cocktail is served warm or even hot and typically in a large mug.

My Fair Lady

This uncommon cocktail was created as a way to celebrate the debut of Julie Andrews in the musical of the same name. It is made with equal parts of gin, orange juice, lemon juice, and French syrup. Add a dash of egg white to complete the drink and shake the ingredients together before straining the mixture into a glass before serving.


Much like the My Fair Lady, the Nixon was created to commemorate the event when President Nixon visited Britain for the first time. It uses equal parts of bourbon whiskey and sloe gin, and it is finished off with two pinches of peach bitters. Mix by stirring and add ice. A fresh slice of peach or a cherry make ideal garnishes to give the drink even more character.

Tequila Sunrise

A guide to cocktails would not be complete without naming the Tequila Sunrise. The ingredients in this beautiful drink settle in the glass to create a dazzling display of colors that look much like an amazing sunrise over the horizon. To create this cocktail, combine three parts of tequila, six parts of orange juice and one part of grenadine syrup. Pour the first two ingredients into a highball glass over ice before adding the grenadine. The grenadine syrup will sink to the bottom to create the illusion of a sunrise. Add an orange slice and cherry to finish. Variations of this cocktail include the Tequila Sunset (use blackberry brandy instead of grenadine), Vodka Sunrise (use vodka instead of tequila) and Astronaut Sunrise (use Tang instead of orange juice).

Harvey Wallbanger

Pleasing the taste buds of cocktail lovers since the 1950s, the Harvey Wallbanger uses three parts of vodka, one part of Liquore Galliano and six parts orange juice for its amazing taste.

The vodka and orange juice are mixed together in the glass already filled with ice (typically a highball glass), and the Liquore Galliano will then float on top of the drink. Add a cherry and an orange slice to give this colorfully named drink even more flair.


Women commonly order this drink because of its name and its feminine appearance. The pinkish-colored drink is created by mixing vodka citron, cointreau, lime juice, and cranberry juice in a shaker with crushed ice. The mixture is strained into a cocktail glass so that there is no ice. It has the appearance of a martini and is also categorized as a martini when you look at a typical guide to cocktails.

Seven and Seven

A favorite among women, the Seven and Seven cocktail uses Seagram’s 7 Whisky and 7-Up, hence its name. A shot of the whisky is typically mixed with approximately six ounces of 7-Up. Many bartenders will just pour the Seagram’s 7 Whisky into a Collins glass with ice. The 7-Up is then added to the drink up to the desired level and then lightly stirred.

Moscow Mule

This unusual name only adds to the character of the drink. Made by mixing equal parts of vodka and lime juice with three parts ginger beer over ice, the Moscow Mule is generally served in a mug. This was one of the first popular vodka drinks in the United States that appeared in the 1950s and has been made into several variations over the years, including the Mule’s Kick, Three Legged Mule and Manuka Mule.

Jack and Coke

To add a sense of adventure to your night out, this simple drink packs quite a punch. Just as the name claims, this drink simply uses Jack Daniels and Coke to provide its unique taste. Bartenders will pour the Jack Daniels over ice and then fill rest of the glass with Coke before stirring it together gently. While the name sounds masculine, it is still a favorite among women looking for a fun night out with the girls.

The cocktails listed here are just a few examples of popular drinks available at your local bar, club or tavern. You may only be familiar with a few drinks and probably only stick to ordering those drinks when you go out. With this guide to cocktails, however, you can find something exciting and delicious to add a new thrill to your barhopping nights. Besides, it never hurts to expand your tastes and appear more sophisticated when you order drinks that your friends have never even heard of.

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