7 Inexpensive Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It's time to consider a low cost makeover for your kitchen. You'll find seven simple, cost effective ideas to renovate your kitchen. This will be one home improvement project that will not cost a fortune.

As fall and winter approach most of us will be spending more time in our homes. That makes summer and fall a great time to begin preparing for cozy days ahead. One way to make yourself feel more comfortable and appreciate your home during the long days of winter is by giving each room a low cost makeover.

A good place to start is the kitchen. Your kitchen will be a gathering place over the holidays for friends and family, and you and your family will spend a lot more time in the kitchen preparing holiday treats and delicious meals.

Why not take a little time, and very little money, to make over your kitchen and give it an entirely new look and feel, one that you can enjoy throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

Low Cost Kitchen Makeover Idea: Recreate Your Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a major renovation project that takes a lot of time, money, effort, and patience. However, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look from country to contemporary by making changes to your cabinet facing.

Easy home improvement: Paint the kitchen cabinets

One option is to paint the cabinets. If you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets think carefully about what color you use and how it will work with kitchen accessories, table clothes, etc. There is such a broad spectrum of colors available today that you are only limited by your imagination.

More easy kitchen cabinet renovation: Change out cabinet knobs and handles

Another cabinet renovation idea that can be used in conjunction with painting, or as a standalone project, is to replace cabinet knobs and handles.A variety of cabinet knobs and handles are available at home improvement stores. If you are creating a retro look, or a modern look using retro designs check local salvage shops. You may also be able to find knobs and handles that are brand new at salvage stores. Buying salvage helps keep perfectly good materials out of waste fills and will cost about half as much as regular knobs and handles.

Low Cost Kitchen Makeover Idea: Update Your Table

Renovate or Replace your kitchen table

There are two ways to update your kitchen table and your choice all depends on the size of your kitchen and the size table that you need to serve family and friends.

If you want to downsize, you can sometimes purchase metallic and glass tables for $200 or less. If you need to upsize look for tables at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores that you can touch up or paint to match your kitchen renovation ideas. Don't forget to, carefully, check Craig's List and your local Freecycle.com community. People give away furniture all the time.

Wooden tables can be easily touched up with a small can of like colored wood stain or furniture repair markers. Recently, my daughter-in-law touched up a set of leather covered chairs that previously looked destined for the dump. She used leather car upholstery cleaner and wood stain. The chairs looked fashionable, modern, and like new.

Update and Makeover your table setting

The other way to update your kitchen by changing your table is to transform the color scheme of your kitchen using your table cloth and centerpiece as a starting point. If you have wooden chairs, be sure to accessories with complimentary colored chair cushions. Remember to add your own designer flair. Your cushions do not have to be the same as your table cloth, but the colors and patterns should complement each other.

Updating your table is a quick, inexpensive way to renovate your kitchen. It is also a home improvement project that causes people to notice a change, but often it is one they cannot quite put their finger on. Sometimes, subtle changes may convince others that you have gone all out on kitchen renovation.

Easy Kitchen Home Improvement Projects

Paint the walls

Whether you paint the cabinets or re-stain them, another easy and inexpensive way to renovate your kitchen is to paint the walls. Some people prefer walls and cabinets to be light colored, offering the appearance of more room and airiness in the kitchen. Others like to experiment with colors and add contrasting colors to the walls and cabinets.

Keep in mind when you are painting walls that you will need to be able to coordinate the rest of your kitchen accessories with your color choices.

Change the curtains

If you have blinds in the kitchen, try swapping them out for curtains to allow more light into the kitchen. If you have had the same curtains for five years or more, chances are that you have either come to overlook them or are sick of seeing them.

Find bright expressive curtains. Find curtains that can be pulled shut at night if that is your preference. Fresh curtains can quickly, easily and inexpensively add new life and a renovated look to your kitchen. You can shop for high price curtains, but in the end, kitchen curtains are kitchen curtains. They will become soiled with grease and (in my house) burnt food smoke. You need curtains that can be easily washed, pressed or steamed and put back up quickly and easily.

Check local discount department stores like Target, Walmart, and Kmart for kitchen curtains. If you are looking for something more unique take a trip to Ross or Marshall's to find designer curtains at discounted prices.

Add a backsplash

This project may sound expensive and overwhelming, but adding a backslash in the kitchen is one of the easiest, quickest, and least expensive tiling projects you can do for home improvement. It can also change the entire look of your kitchen.

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