5 Ways to Let Go of Worry: How to Stop Worrying and Get on with Your Life

Worry consumes your positive mental energy and causes you to waste time and energy concerned about something that may or may not happen. In fact, that which consumes you with worry usually doesn't even occur.

So why do we worry? Worry is a mindset, a habit. It is one that, with a little effort, you can overcome. You only need to learn some techniques to help you overcome worry.

Practice empting your mind of worry.

Take time throughout the day to clear your mind. Intentionally banish or redirect any thoughts that worry you or cause you anxiety. Walk your mind to a place of clarity and power. Refresh your thoughts, and renew your mind.

Purposefully call to mind positive, creative thoughts.

Once you have cleared your mind you can't just leave it empty. Anxious thoughts will creep back in. Use your amazing powers of imagination and creativity to tell yourself positive and uplifting or calming thoughts. Once you have thought of something to tell yourself, repeat it a dozen times. This helps create new thoughts to stick in your mind in place of worry.

Affirm to yourself that worry is a mental habit that you can break.

Just as important as positive self-talk is the idea that you convince yourself that worry is a habit that can be broken. The habit may have developed over years, but you have the power to break any habit. Refuse to let worry have control of you.

Exercise your faith.

In fact, worry and anxiety are a direct reflection of a lack of faith. It is important to affirm your belief in God and his sovereignty as a means of overcoming worry. Once you acknowledge that life is beyond your control, but is in the hands of a loving God then you can begin to relax more and worry less. You can let go.

Surround yourself with positive people.

You'll never pull yourself out of the morass of hopelessness and worry if you are surrounded by people who feed your cares and anxieties. Make a conscious effort to steer clear of conversations that will incite your worry. Separate yourself from people who are worriers and surround yourself with people who are positive and hopeful.

As you begin to exercise these simple steps you should find that you are able to let go of worries and have a more hopeful and positive outlook.

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