5 Ways to Boost the Power of Your Intentions for Creating Success Fast

The power of intention has officially been proven by science to produce actual physical transformation to atoms. Through the ages we have been taught by the great masters that we can produce miracles just as they have.

We have been taught over and over again that we have more power than we believe or can imagine. The problem for humanity has always been that we are not able to completely believe in ourselves as have the great masters.

How can we tap into greater levels of personal power within ourselves to cause the chances we desire to create in our lives and the world around us?

Here are five ways that help improve the power of our intentions so that we may begin to master day by day our own intentions and access the magical powers it possesses. These five ways are ways to increase the available energies at your disposal to fuel your intentions.

Number 1 - by tapping into your life purpose you access the spiritual energies of the human spirit and can often even tap into divine grace. In other words, you can access spiritual energies beyond just your human spirit.

Number 2 - by feeding your body the right nutrients you will be able to use your physical energy to increase your level of focus both in quantity as well as quality. Having the stamina for prolonged and high quality times of focused intention is one of the most important keys in producing powerful change.

Number 3 - by focusing on the benefits that you will receive when you achieve your goal, you will be able to use your body's resources which are the chemicals that produce states of pleasure such as endorphins. Try and list 10 benefits that will bring you pleasure as a result of reaching your goals.

Number 4 - make a list of the negative results that not reaching your goals will result in. By associating pain to not reaching your goal, you will create a force that will push you to put forth greater effort to avoid the negative results of not reaching your goals.

Number 5 - schedule your day so that you have uninterrupted time to focus on your goal. This is a time when you do not answer phone calls, check emails or multi-task.

Combining these five practices will help you supercharge your intention and help you reach success much faster.

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