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5 Home Remedies for Sunburn Treatment

I'm spending a few days on the Gulf, where the sugar-white sands work with the sun to create a scorching combination for unprotected skin. Sunburn occurs more quickly than some vacationers realize. When we go out at night so many beat red faces stare back at us. Adults and children walk gingerly to try and protect their tender sunburned skin, as they scour the aisles of stores looking for the best remedy.

I was surprised to discover that sometimes what I have considered a good sunburn treatment isn't good for the sunburn or my skin at all. I set out to find home remedies for sunburn treatment.

I hope you use plenty of sunscreen and don't have to resort to using any of these home remedies for sunburn treatment, but if you do they should help ease the pain.

Home remedies for sunburn treatment: Cool your skin

First and most obviously, stay out of the sun. It is important to cool the skin. This can be done by soaking in a cool bath or covering sunburned skin with a wet, cold. Don't take an ice cold bath, and it is best to use tepid water on children to keep them from becoming chilled.

Baking soda, added to a cool or tepid bath water, is said to further promote sunburn relief.

Do not use bath salts, oils, or perfumes that may further aggravate your sunburn. Do not shave or scrub your skin either. It is counterproductive to your efforts at sunburn relief.

Home remedies for sunburn treatment: Gentle home remedy mix

Sunburn relief may require more than just cool water. Wet a compress using equal parts water and milk. This is a good mixture for pain relief and sunburn treatment.

A cool oatmeal bath or oatmeal compress is soothing to sunburned skin.

Chamomile may provide sunburn relief from a soaked compress or in a cool bath.

Home remedies for sunburn treatment: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most widely recognized sunburn treatment. Aloe is a natural soothing, anti-inflammatory. When I was young, aloe was not readily available in so many over-the-counter lotions and gels.

The very best sunburn treatment is to break open the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant and spread the jelly-like substance directly on your skin. It is completely safe to use Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant for sunburn relief.

If you don't have an Aloe Vera plant try an over-the-counter lotion which contains Aloe Vera.

Home remedies for sunburn treatment: Hydrate your body

Sunburn is often accompanied by fever or headache. Often, these are signs of dehydration. The best prevention is to stay hydrated throughout the day in the sun. Drink plenty of fluids when you suffer from sunburn to combat dehydration. This is extremely important, as dehydration can lead to a host of more complex physical problems.

Compliment your home remedy for sunburn relief

Sometimes sunburn is so painful that it may be necessary to supplement sunburn treatment with mild over-the-counter medications.

Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen help alleviate sunburn pain. Do not give aspirin to children.

A mild over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can promote sunburn pain and swelling relief.

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