25 Natural Sleep Aid Remedies

Make a circle graph of your daily activities. What do you spend one fifth to one third of your life doing? Sleeping. But we all know that the intent, need or desire to sleep doesn't always match the action. We as humans, especially those in first world countries, struggle with sleep. We've formed a multitude of unhealthy sleep habits and patterns. Ask the average person what they would love most to do on a day off; invariably the knee- jerk response is: sleep.

There are periods in life when people are known to get less sleep: during college, after the birth of a baby, when the children are very young. There are certain occupations which typically struggle with sleep: those who work a non- traditional work schedule, military personnel, pilots, medical and hospital staff. These are situational sleep problems. There are also organic sleep problems: sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome. Whatever your situation, if you are struggling with sleep issues, you need help. Sleep problems take their toll on your life faster and more thoroughly than most anyone realizes. Here are 20+ natural, healthy, safe, non- invasive sleep aids, remedies and tips. And there's not a pill among them.

- Sleep in a bed, rather than a chair or couch.

- Check your mattress for damage or excessive wear. Get a new mattress if your old mattress is over 12 years old.

- Sleep on clean sheets and good sturdy pillow.

- Turn off any distractions: music, television.

- Don't watch upsetting programs on television or read distressing books before bed.

- Take a warm shower before bed.

- Run a warm air humidifier if you have sinus or allergy problems.

- Drink 4 oz. of warm milk. Warm milk contains L- tryptophen, a natural sleep aid.

- Do some gentle yoga stretches before bed to loosen muscles.

- Avoid strenuous exercise before bed. Exercise will cause restless muscles.

- Avoid eating a full meal just prior to bed.

- Avoid any caffeine, chocolate or heavy sweets.

- Do not take vitamins or supplements before bed.

- Take any medications at the prescribed time. Some meds will cause sleep issues.

- Don't go to bed hungry. however. Have a small nutritious snack, like a banana, carrots or crackers. Avoid spicy, salty, sweet or heavy snacks.

- Avoid eating apples, nuts or cheese before bed; apples can cause digestive problems at bed time.

- Open a window for fresh circulation of air.

- Run a fan on low to deaden outside noise.

- Go to the bathroom before bed.

- Avoid excessive alcohol consumption before bed. One of two glasses of wine is a soporific.

- Sleep with the lights off. If someone needs a light, it should be a dim night light. Lights make your brain think that it is daytime.

- Turn the heat down.

- Keep warm with blankets, not artificial or forced heat.

- Sleep on your side or back, rather than your stomach.

- Sleep on one firm pillow, rather than multiple pillows.

- Choose lightweight cozy blankets, like a comforter.

- Avoid heavy knit blankets; these literally weigh you down and exhaust your body.

- Dress in pajamas or sleep clothing. Do not wear clothes to bed. Psychologically, your brain thinks of clothes as 'day' or 'time to be active' wear.

- Choose soft, loose, lightweight comfortable pajamas.

- Say a prayer or meditate before bed. This should be a release or 'let go' prayer or meditation. This is a 'let go and let God' prayer.

- Use visualization and imagery. Imagine your worries and cares are contained with helium balloons. You are holding tightly to these cares and at bedtime, you let go and allow the balloons to float upward to your higher power.

- Go through each muscle group in your body and give it permission to relax. The neck, jaw, shoulders and lower back and bowel area are especially prone to trap and hold tension.

- Practice deep measured breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

- If you have snoring issues, breathing problems, restless legs or chronic insomnia, see your physician.

Don't pooh- pooh any sleep problems. Discuss them with a care provider. You need your rest.

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