15 Ways to Burn Extra Calories

Most people want to lose weight, whether it be a few pounds or a few dozen pounds. The more simple and fun it is, the better it is. Here are some simple ways to burn extra calories with little to no effort.

1. Don't buy junk food. If you don't have it, you won't get the urge to eat it. Not only will you save money but the temptation won't be there.

2. If you have to give in to cravings, do it the right way. Let's be honest, most people can't continuously avoid junk food. If you really have a craving for chocolate, go for a low fat chocolate milk. If you have a craving for something sweet or salty, try going for the 100 calorie packs by Nabisco. They offer everything from chips to cookies in little portion controlled packs that are 100 calories each.

3. Use spices. Tabasco sauce, cayenne and any other spice can boost your fat-burning ability.

4. Take the stairs. Avoid the elevator and the escalator.

5. Go smaller. Instead of taking a bigger bowl or plate when eating, go for the smaller one and DON'T go back for seconds.

6. Eat breakfast. Pack it the night before to ensure that you'll have it all set even if you're running late.

7. Clean. When you're on the phone, instead of just sitting and talking, walk around and do some light cleaning.

8. Eat a few nuts half hour before a meal. It takes awhile for you to get full, the nuts are good for you and will start to fill you up.

9. When you go out to dinner eat half of what's on your plate. Separate your food when you get it and put half to the side. Have the waiter bag it. Not only do you consume half of the calories but you have a great meal for the next day.

10. Walk the dog. A simple walk with the dog can not only get you exercise it's good for your pet too.

11. Get dumbbells. Instead of sitting and watching TV, stand and work out those arms.

12. Write it down. Whatever you eat simply write it in a notebook. After a couple of days you'll notice where you need to cut back.
You would be surprised how much you eat when it's actually all in writing.

13. Go out and play. Take the kids or even your significant other or a friend and go for a game of catch, play Frisbee or simply go for a walk. The fresh air is good for you anyway!

14. Do a little dance. When you're surfing the net or just sitting outside, listen to some music. While you're doing that don't just sit there, move around to the beat.

15. Have more sex.

All of these ideas are simple ways for you to burn calories simply by going about your day and having more fun while you do it.

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