15 Uses for Canned Corn

You haven't planned dinner. It has been too hectic of a day. Opening up the kitchen cabinets you find several cans of whole kernel corn. What do you do for dinner with that? Here are a few ideas to help you use all that corn.

Shepherd's Pie - Using canned corn in Shepherd's Pie is delicious. Grab some ground beef, onions, carrots, corn, peas, (mashed) potatoes, broth, and seasoning. Cook, layer, and bake for a great family meal.

Soup - Add canned corn to broth and other vegetables for a great veggie soup. Add some meat for a little more protein. There is not a soup that canned corn cannot be added to. Experiment a little and enjoy it.

Relish - Some great relishes are made with whole kernel corn. Take corn, peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, sugar, turmeric, and vinegar. This is delicious with pork chops, grilled chicken, and other great foods.

Salsa Side Dish - A great side dish is just taking some whole kernel corn and adding some salsa. Heat it up and serve it with chicken, steak, and pork. It is even great with fish.

Chowder - There is a difference between just "soup" and the much loved chowder. When you make a chowder you need cream instead of the broth used for soup. Chowders are made with vegetables and with seafood and fish. Canned corn added to any chowder adds a tasty crunch.

Fish bait - Yes, I said fish bait. Using whole kernel corn for catching trout is an excellent way to use up the canned corn in your cupboards while bringing home the meat for dinner. Add a few kernels to a hook and pull in the hungry and very tasty fish.

Chili - Have you ever thought of using whole kernel corn in chili? It is great. Take any chili recipe and just add canned corn. You'll receive applauds for your creativity.

Stuffed peppers - Take a tasty bell pepper and fill it was wonderful tasty foods is a great way to have a family meal. Take ground beef or just a mixture of vegetables and season them well. Mix some tomato sauce into it and you will be drooling. Canned corn is a great addition to any stuffed pepper.

Fried corn nuggets - Take some whole kernel corn, creamed corn, cornmeal, flour, milk, eggs, and seasoning. Deep fry the results and enjoy a great southern food. You'll find yourself and the kids asking for more.

Meatloaf - To many meatloaf is boring. Why? Because it is the same old thing and never varies. Give your meatloaf a boost and add some whole kernel canned corn in the mix. You'll see pleasant surprises on all the faces.

Salad - Salads are more than lettuce and tomatoes. Add some canned corn to the mix and a few other items such as peppers and cucumbers. You'll have an amazing summer dish that all will enjoy.

Corn and tomatoes - Nothing tastes better in the summer than fresh vegetables. Take some whole kernel corn and add fresh tomatoes cut up. Mix it up well. Add a little bit of salt and other seasoning. Great for a summer picnics.

Corn pudding - Mix some canned whole kernel corn, creamed corn, milk, eggs, and other seasonings. This is a great dish for a potluck and family gathering. Take it to a picnic and enjoy. Corn pudding wins each and every time.

Stuffing - Corn can be a great ingredient for stuffing baking and grilling meat. Mix the corn with other vegetables and seasoning. Stuff inside fish, pork, chicken, or beef. Grill to perfection.

Summer veggie mix - Take your canned corn and mix it with squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and other fresh vegetables and sauté them in butter and seasoning. This could be a meal all by itself.

There is no limit to what you can do with canned corn. Experiment and enjoy.

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