10 Snacks Under 100 Calories

Snacking can be the kiss of death for your diet, but it certainly doesn't have to be. When picking a snack, try to choose one that is low in calories. However, do keep in mind that even if you find something low in calories, if you don't enjoy your snack, you shouldn't eat it - no matter how filling it may be.

Can't figure out what to have for your snack? Here are 10 ideas, each 100 calories or less:

1. String cheese. String cheese is not only low in calories (only 90 calories each), but also has seven grams of protein, so it will help keep you full. Light string cheese is only 70 calories, but it is worth it to spend the 20 extra calories on the real stuff - light string cheese tends to have an odd texture.

2. Fat free pudding snacks. Getting the prepackaged pudding snacks helps keep your portions under control. These clock in at between 90 - 100 calories a piece and most will give you nine percent of your daily recommended dose of calcium. These come in all sorts of flavors.

3. Apples and cheese. Try cutting an apple into wedges, removing the cores. Take one light Laughing Cow wedge of cheese and divide evenly between the pieces of apple. Each Laughing Cow wedge is 35 calories and an apple is 65 calories, so this snack will be exactly 100 calories.

4. Frozen fruit bar. Most frozen fruit or fruit juice bars are between 60 - 100 calories. Look for ones with no added sugar, as these will be the lowest in calories. This is an excellent treat during the summertime.

5. Diet cocoa. For a keep-you-warm winter treat, try Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa. An individual serving envelope is only 25 calories. This is a great way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

6. Strawberries with Cool-Whip. Top one cup of strawberries with two tablespoons Cool-Whip Free. Very tasty and only about 65 calories.

7. Almonds. You can eat ten almonds for 100 calories. Almonds help lower your cholesterol and are high in fiber. They're a filling snack.

8. Miso soup. Miso soup is very filling and only 40 calories per cup. If you've never had miso before, start with a light variety.

9. Pickles. Dill pickles are about 5 calories a piece. Do keep in mind that they're somewhat high in sodium, so you probably want to limit it to three or four at most.

10. Cake! If you love cake, but have had to seriously cut back or eliminate your cake, you might want to check out this new treat from Hostess. They've miniaturized their Hostess cupcakes and put three in a 100 calorie pack. In addition to both the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, there's a carrot cake version that's pretty tasty, too.

By keeping the calories in your daily snack low, you can snack without feeling guilty or deprived!

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