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10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from different back pains. Sometimes when the pain is getting to you it's best to turn to natural remedies so you don't have to worry about painful or unhealthy side effects and natural remedies tend to treat whatever underlying problem is causing your back pain. When taking some medicines, especially over the counter medicines they just treat the inflammation, just the actual pain. It is much better to treat the problem that causing your back pain, wouldn't you say? That is what this article is focused on.

10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

1. In some cases a Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for back pain. To treat this take a nutritional supplement for Vitamin D and drinking whole milk is good too.

2. If it is depression that is causing your back pain listening to soft calm music can help. Classical music would be great for this.

3. You can always try applying a heating pad to the affected area of your back. You can either go and buy one or make one yourself by taking a clean sock and filling it with rice but leave enough room to tie a knot at the end. After you have tied the knot at the end heat it in the microwave for a minute or so, it really heats well and this remedy is very good for soothing pain.

4. If the heating pack doesn't work, see if your pain will respond to an ice pack. Just take a few cubes of ice and put it in a zip close baggy and wrap a wash cloth around it so the cold doesn't irritate your skin.

5. Yoga is a wonderful way to help with back pain and has been used for it for a while now.

6. Also make sure you are don't have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. If you do make sure you get it taken care of to help get rid of your back pain.

7. Another good thing to make sure you are getting in your diet is magnesium. Not getting the right amount can cause back problems as well.

8. Massage therapy is a good way to help relieve back pain. Not only will it relieve back pain but it is relaxing and kind of fun too.

9. I have hear that back pain can be caused from not getting enough fluids. If you are dehydrated try and drink water and Gatorade to help with your pain.

10. One final good way to help relieve back pain is chamomile. You can drink two or three cups of tea or add ten to twenty drops of it in another liquid you consume.

I hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information on how to help sooth your back pain naturally and at home. Try these tips out and see what works for you!

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