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10 Great Ways to Naturally Manage Bad Breath

Have you ever suffered from a severe case of bad breath? Maybe you like odd food combinations or forgot to brush your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth can produce a smell that can really pack a punch. If you need a quick breath deodorizer, there are many ways to stop the smell besides brushing with toothpaste, eating mints, or chewing gum. Since I occasionally walk out the door and forget to brush my teeth, I've found several other ways to keep my breath smelling good. Here are ten alternative ways to keep your breath fresh.

1. Credit/Gift Card - No, I don't recommend eating a credit card to resolve your bad breath issue. Bacteria causing bad breath forms mostly on the top of the tongue. Using the edge of your card you can scrape most of this smell causing bacteria off. If I have nothing left to help the problem I will resort to this wallet cure.

2. Baking Soda - Baking soda is a great option to clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Just take a tiny bit on a spoon and swish in your mouth with water for an immediate reduction in bad breath.

3. Water - Water is extremely useful in reducing bad breath. Swishing water around in your mouth for one minute will clean your entire mouth and remove stuck food particles that could be causing a smell.

4. Parsley - Don't ignore the decorative parsley on your plate after eating lunch or dinner. Instead chew it for a pleasing reduction in smell on your breath. Parsley contains a large amount of the plant chemical chlorophyll, a proven breath deodorizer. Just chew for one minute and spit out.

5. Ban Certain Drinks - What you are sipping on can play a huge role in the way your breath smells. Beer, wine, and coffee can all leave a noticeable smell on your breath, These liquids leave a residue that attaches to the inside your mouth and causes a smell every time you breathe.

6. Extra Toothbrush - If you are prone to forget to brush your teeth in the morning or run into bad breath later in the day, throw an extra toothbrush in your backpack, purse, or suitcase for ability to clean anytime. Even a quick brush without toothpaste can dramatically reduce bad breath.

7. Eat Probiotics - Poor stomach health can also be the cause of a case of bad breath. Try eating yogurt or sauerkraut will help add good bacteria to your body and destroy the bad bacteria that causes smelly gas.

8. Eat More Raw Food - Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables that are raw can take you far in your fight against bad breath. The harder surface of raw foods will scrape plaque from your tongue and teeth resulting in better breath.

9. Salt Water - If plain water doesn't do much to help stop the bad breath coming from your mouth you may want to consider gargling with salt water. This will eliminate bacteria from your tongue, throat, and tonsils preventing odor.

10. Mint Leaves - A fresh sprig of mint after any meal will help freshen your breath without the need of sugar laden gum or mints. The oil released when chewing mint will cover up many unpleasant odors.

If you're suffering from a case of bad breath, reach for one of these solutions before spending money on sprays, mints, and gum. I use a combination of these on a weekly basis and have not had a breath complaint in years. Use these to keep your breath fresh and clean throughout your day. Enjoy!

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