10 Great Low-Calorie Lunch Ideas

When on a diet, Lunch is the hardest part. Sometimes there are pre-made lunches that rack up tons of calories, and lunches at fast food places can go as high as 1000 calories! If you need a good low-calorie lunch, keep on reading. We're going to give you 10 lunch ideas, and how the estimated calories in each.

10 Great Low-Calorie Lunch Ideas

1. Chicken Sandwich with a 100-calorie bag of chips (Always less than 350 Calories)

With two white slices of bread, and some white meat chicken, this lunch is guaranteed to be filling and extremely low in calories. A slice of bread is usually around 60-80 calories, while 2-3 slices of deli-style white meat chicken is about 50 calories. Combining all this with a 100-calorie bag of chips (Or anything else thats 100 calories) is probably one of the best lunches you could make. Using mustard on this sandwich is one of the best things to add, because it has 0 calories and has the power to boost metabolism. Do not add cheese, but you can if you don't mind the extra 100 calories.

2. Apple and peanut butter (less than 300 Calories)

Taking 1 apple and 2 tsp of peanut butter is a nutritious and low calorie lunch. Just cut the apple into 8 slices and dip into the peanut butter and enjoy. Drinking water or a glass of low-fat milk will help this lunch be more filling.

3. Plain Chicken Breast (250 Calories)

Cooking a skinless chicken breast makes room for any extra dishes you would like to cook with it. Adding BBQ sauce to the chicken will add around 100 calories. Potatoes or any other dish involving butter will add around 250 calories to the meal. This is more of a dinner idea, but if you really need a low-calorie lunch, a skinless chicken breast is perfect.

4. Banana and Oatmeal (350 Calories)

The great taste of a Banana along with the healthiness of Oatmeal is a great lunch idea. Either eat both separate, or mix with each other. Try to use Plain Oatmeal to save calories.

5. Corn Chowder (Less than 250 Calories)

When made with healthy ingredients and low-fat milk, Corn Chowder can be extremely low in calories. Look up a recipe online for a good low-calorie recipe.

6. Plain Hamburger (250-400 Calories)

If you love burgers, but don't want all the fattening calories, try a plain hamburger. Using mustard is fine since it has no calories, but don't use ketchup or cheese. Don't get a burger from a fast-food place and just take everything off. Try to make your own burger, and try to make the patty smaller than usual. Use regular bread instead of burger buns to save some calories. Use hot sauce or peppers on it if you can, because this will boost metabolism and will help burn off the lunch faster.

7. Tuna Sandwich Without mayonnaise (Around 250 calories)

When Tuna isn't mixed with mayonnaise, it is very low in calories and can be used in a number of different ways. If you want to make a sandwich, you can put raw tuna in the middle of two toasted pieces of bread, and add some mustard or other 0 calorie sauces, and enjoy.

8. Veggie Burgers (180 calories)

Vegetarian or not, these burgers taste just like real burgers and are very low in calories. Look up a good recipe on how to make them, or just buy them in stores. Some recipes could make the burger itself around 40 calories! After cooking burger, put on bun and enjoy.

9. Chicken fried rice (300 Calories or less)

Sounds big in calories, but it really isn't. When made in a healthiest way possible, this meal can be low in calories. A recipe found on line can help you with the rest.

10. Half of a Salmon (400 Calories)

Cooking one half of a Salmon provides a delicious lunch, and only 400 calories. Try to skip any high-calorie sauces if you can, and use 0 calorie seasoning.

There you go! 10 great lunch ideas that are extremely low in calories. Some are higher than others, but they are all under 500 calories. We hope this article helped you find what you were looking for!

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