Women’s Headwear

There are usually two reasons for purchasing women’s headwear. Buying for fashion leaves an individual with countless options. Buying for necessity means form must follow function. Luckily some headwear provides both protection from the elements and a stylish look. Headwear can come in many styles such as: scarves, hats , visors, headbands, barrettes, clips, and scrunchies.


Buying women’s scarves is an entire guide all by itself. But in the short form, scarves are a huge fashion statement and can be used for other uses such as neck wraps and wrist wraps. Scarves come in a variety of materials, the most popular of which is silk. Silk scarves can be printed with various and sometimes famous designs. Famous designers love to imprint scarves with their logo as a fashion statement. Although most scarves are reasonably price up to $30.00, some scarves can demand a very high price depending on their designer manufacturer and material. Scarves are also used as for necessity on women’s heads when it is windy or there is a light rain. This protects the hair from elements and keeps the hair style in place. Women may also use a scarf to protect her hair while she sleeps.

Hats and Visors

Fashionable women’s hats come most commonly in felt. The felt is then decorated with feathers, beads or other materials. This form of women’s hats is gaining again in popularity. Younger generations of women are now wearing more casual beanie-style hats, which are are both fashionable and warm. It is even popular for women to wear baseball caps. But they’re not just for sports fans anymore. They now come in many fashion colors including pink and purple. Berets, which at one point were out of style are now coming back in style. They come in cashmere and sometimes with a matching scarf. Large brimmed straw hats are very popular for blocking the sun.  There are also canvas bucket hats for blocking the sun on more adventuresome trips, they usually come in bright colors. Women who play sports may also use sun visors which do not cover the top of the head, to allow airflow while shading the eyes. Many of the above women’s hats are used for necessity. Beanie hats are worn in the cold or snow. Baseball caps may be used to block sun, wind or rain. Of course many of these hats of necessity are fashion statements as well and come in many designer brands. Women’s hats come in a variety of prices just like their uses. Although many can find a hat for less than $40.00, the coveted, designer hats can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Women use headbands for a variety of reasons, most likely to keep their hair out of their eyes or to keep sweat from running into their eyes. Women use sports headbands to keep the sweat off of their brows and keep the hair out of the way during play. Headbands have lost popularity as a fashion statement for most women, although younger women and girls wear headbands frequently. Headbands are normally inexpensive and can range from two to ten dollars depending on the material and quality of craftsmanship.

Barrettes, clips and scrunchies

Barrettes, clips and ponytail holders like scrunchies are all used for both fashion and necessity. They come in all sorts of materials for a casual or more sophisticated look. Some even come with faux hair to simulate a ponytail or longer hair. Barrettes most commonly come in metal or plastic. They can be plain or decorated. Hair clips are normally plastic an come in a variety of sizes, they can double as hair care products when you are coloring or styling your hair. Scrunchies and other types of ponytail holders are usually some kind of elastic or rubber, they can come decorated with beads, faux flowers or other materials. They are extremely versatile and can help women style their hair in many styles such as: ponytails, pigtails, and braids. Barrettes, clips and ponytail holders are very inexpensive and can range in price from two to fifteen dollars.

It’s all on your head

Women now have many options for headwear and whether their purpose is fashion or necessity, they can always find something to fit their needs. It is almost impossible these days to go without any gear for your head. With the various activities in women’s lives, some sort of headwear is necessary eventually, whether it is a headband, ponytail holder or hat. Most women have many headwear options they keep at home and in their car or purse, just waiting for the next time they will need it.

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