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Women’s Casual Shoes

Casual shoes can be mules, sandals, thongs or athletic shoes, lace-up or slip-on. Extra comfort can also be had from padded insoles, or by adding innersoles that have been purchased separately.

How often will you need to wear these shoes?

Do you need these shoes seven days a week, fifteen or more hours a day? Or, do you wear house shoes or dress shoes part of the time? The more you are going to wear casual shoes the more you should buy. Not that you have to buy three dozen, but, probably it is not a bad idea to collect five or more pairs. You may want to choose a white or other light color, a metallic, a gray or other dark color and a printed shoe. As you know you will have quite an assortment from which to choose.

When do you wear casual shoes?

Women’s casual shoes are the mainstay for most women’s wardrobes. An active modern lifestyle means you are very likely to need more casual shoes than other styles of shoes to carry out your duties. You also want casual shoes for casual events and free time. A lot of women wear nothing but shoes from the casual category. The uses for casual shoes are endless.  Casual shoes are meant for walking, playing, most types of work will accommodate casual footwear, going out to eat, vacation adventures and shopping trips. When you are working around the house you will probably want to don a pair of your casual shoes for most household duties. Casual shoes usually have crepe or treaded soles. These soles help prevent slips on freshly mopped surfaces as well as on steps or freshly waxed floors. Women’s casual shoes are super for working out to music, doing such things as jazzercise or other exercise routines. Dancing is perfect to do in casual shoes, or at least practicing for it, if you want to wear dressy shoes when you go out.  Casual shoes for sports are far more interesting than they used to be. These shoes are a cross between a shoe and a sneaker and work great for entertaining your feminine side. Now, you don’t have to look like the boys unless you want to. The fashion is as feminine as you like. Or, you could opt for the earthy looking versions of sport casual shoes. These styles look something like sandals, mules and sneakers combined.

What materials and designs stand out?

Many types of material are used for women’s casual shoes, probably even more than other types of shoes. Designs for casual shoes show artistry just as much as, say, dressy types, or, boots, but casual shoes can be fashioned from a wider variety of materials due to their casual nature. Casual shoes can be made from canvas, leather, spandex or spandex blends, man-made materials resembling leather, linen, recycled material, velveteen, suede or corduroy. The shoes can be patterned with plaid, stripes, florals, color blocking, embroidery, logos, and more.

Major manufacturers of women’s shoes

Companies like Naturalizer, Grasshoppers, Classique, Soft Spots, Trotters, Ugg and Hush Puppies have been around for a long time. These companies among hordes of others have a large amount of experience in designing and manufacturing shoes. They companies are some of the most popular and trusted labels you can find. Each company typically has a special quality to their footwear. Naturalizer brags of having a comfortable insole, comfortable heel height and coming in many shades. Hush Puppies also have comfortable foot beds, soft quality suede uppers and soft flexible soles that are made from shock-absorbing materials. Grasshoppers are cute and trendy with canvas uppers in sporty plaids and other patterns. Other companies that are more recognized by more consumers due to the greater attention on physical fitness in recent times are athletic shoe manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Converse or Reebok. These shoes not only come in lace up styles typical to the sports field, they also come in mules, sandals and thongs, many of which that can be used for sports or sports practice. Another interesting trend is that these sport fitness shoes are available in metallics or even feminine things like satin or satin edgings.

How much do women’s casual shoes cost?

Women’s casual shoes are in any price range you can imagine. It is important, although to pay a reasonable price for the shoes you purchase. A super low price is only good if you mean to wear the shoes about one or two time, like, for instance to a beach party. Otherwise, you need to invest a few more dollars in your shoes. A quality shoe will be at least $10 for the most economical styles. It is only wise to buy about one pair at this range, better would be to begin your price range target at about $20 to $50 dollars.

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