Women’s Casual Sandals

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are looking to buy a pair of casual sandals. Sandals come in all different styles, colors, prices and are made for all different kinds of activities, to the extent that trying to find the right pair of sandals among the almost limitless options seems impossible. You might want inexpensive flipflops for the beach, rugged outdoor sandals for hiking or sports, or even durable sandals for work. The trick is matching the sandal to the activity.

The Styles of Sandals

To begin with, there are a multitude of different styles of sandals. It can be extremely difficult when you are trying to purchase a pair of sandals online if you have to look through all the sandals to be able to find the style that you like. It helps to be able to make your search as specific as possible and that begins with knowing what the different styles of sandals are. The different styles of sandals include thongs, slides, huaraches, dress, and splaff+flops. Thong sandals are sandals that have a minimal upper part of the shoe. It is called a thong because there is material that goes between your big toe and the toe next to it. Flipflops are one type of thong sandals that are usually worn for comfort or beachwear but, these days, they have begun to have many thong sandals that are much dressier than just the average flipflop.

Sandals for Work

Slides do not have any material that goes in between your toes. Instead, they have material that goes over the top of your foot, allowing you to just slide your foot into them, hence the name. Most of them are open-toed although some may be closed, the important feature being that there is no back to them. Slides are typically dressier than thong sandals, many of them come with a smaller heel to them. If you have a more casual work environment, slides can be a comfortable alternative to dress shoes. Huaraches are leather weave sandals. They are extremely comfortable and last for a long time, but they are not worn for either style or a professional appearance. They are also more covering than a slide or thong type sandal, they have not only material that goes over the top of your foot but also material that goes around your heel. Dress sandals are sandals that have been taken to the next level. They are made as much for fashion as they are for comfort. They usually have a heel and are basically one step down from a dress shoe. These type of sandals would be acceptable in most workplaces short of those that require suits. Finally, splaff flops are sandals that are made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. If your main concern is an environmental one, these are the sandals that you want to consider.

Outdoor Sandals

To begin with, consider the activities that you will be using the sandals for. If you are looking to do a lot of rougher, outdoor type activities and you want sandals that can keep up with you, you might want to consider sandals along the lines of  Merrell or Keen sandals. They are the sandals that are preferred for people who are more active and enjoy hiking, rafting and similar activities. Durability also comes with a price, but if you want sandals that will keep up with you instead of falling apart, they are well worth it. If you like to be outdoors but are not into the rougher activities, but rather enjoy being on the beach, check out Gurkees and flipflops. Gurkees are a type of rope sandal that are resistant to saltwater and clorine. They are comfortable, light, longlasting and can be found for around $20. If $20 is more than you like to spend on a pair of sandals, or Gurkees are not a style that you prefer, you can find flipflops that range from $1 up depending on the comfort and durability that you are looking for. If you are not the outdoorsy type but, rather, are looking for a pair of comfortable sandals that you can wear everywhere, you might want to look at slide sandals like Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are well known for their style and versatility, as well as the comfort provided by their carefully sculpted wooden bottoms. Whether you are looking for solely comfort, or comfort with a flare of style, there is a pair of Birkenstocks for almost anyone. If you are interested in dressy sandals that you can wear to work or for an evening out, try Munro sandals. They are very fashionable and come in all different colors and styles. They allow you to be professional while still allowing your feet to breathe and be comfortable.

Colorful Sandals

Another important decision to make is the color of the sandals that you are going to get. A good rule of thumb is that if you are looking for a pair of sandals that you can wear on a daily basis with almost anything, get a pair that will match anything. Go with the basic colors of black or brown, white and tan are hard to keep clean and will only end up looking dirty and cause a lot more upkeep. If, however, you are looking for a pair of sandals that have a more specific purpose, whether it is to go with an outfit or for a specific occasion, you can have a little more fun with these. Take the opportunity to get a different color that will stand out more or could take more upkeep, you will not be wearing them as often so this is not as big of a deal. Remember, when looking for your next pair of sandals, keep in mind the color, use and style of the sandals to find the sandal that is best for you.

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