Tips on Taking Your Toddler to the Beach

Are you planning a beach vacation in the near future? Will you have a toddler tagging along with you? If so, here are a few tips on taking your toddler to the beach.

Going to the beach is an exciting time. Especially if you are like me and live no where near a beach. I learned this year that there is a big difference in taking a toddler to the beach over taking your older children or even an infant. There are a lot of things that are needed and/or preferred when you go the the beach with a toddler. Here are a few suggestions to make your beach vacation easier on everyone included.

The main thing to remember when taking a toddler to the beach is naptime. If your toddler still takes naps then it is highly likely that you will need to continue their regular nap routine. Naps are so very important for a child's growth and development. Once you and your family are at your beach location it's very likely that your toddler will get overly excited. All of the new things to do, to look at, to touch are just too much for a little person. This excitement can quickly tire a toddler out. So if it's even remotely possible for your toddler to take a nap then I highly suggest your put them down for one. This will make for a happier toddler and an even happier family.

Sunblock is a necessary part of a beach vacation. Especially for your little toddler. Their skin is still very thin and highly susceptible to a nasty sunburn. Always be aware of the time of day and when the last time you applied sunbock was. If your toddler is having a great time playing in the water make sure that you dry them off before applying more sunblock and allow that sunblock to dry completely before allowing your toddler back into the water.

Beware of sand. Sand is a necessary annoyance when you go to the beach but it can be harmful to a toddler if not watched closely. The main thing to watch for is sand in the eyes. It's inevitable that all children will at least taste sand on their first trip to the beach but watch closely to make sure that the sand does not get rubbed into their eyes. Especially if you have a tired toddler who is only trying to rub their little tired eyes with a sand covered hand. The sand can scratch their eyes and cause irritation. But don't forego building a sand castle, that's the best part of the beach. Just be aware and pay close attention.

Beach toys are a necessity. If you want your toddler to be entertained and to enjoy the beach then it's almost a necessity that you bring along some of their favorite toys as well as a few new beach toys. These toys will also help keep your toddler occupied enough to not run all over the beach with you chasing after them. Make sure that you don't bring along any toys that you would not want sand to get on because sand gets on EVERYTHING.

Umbrellas are needed on a hot, sunny day at the beach. If you have the money to invest in your own umbrella and you plan to go to the beach often then I suggest going ahead and buying your own beach umbrella. We purchased our own this summer for only $20. If you don't plan to be going to the beach a lot or you just don't have the money to buy one, then most beaches will have rental umbrellas that you can rent for the day for a small fee. These are so great at keeping the sun off of you and your toddler when it's time for a play break or if your toddler decides to lay down and take a little nap.

Beware of the outside showers because they are cold. Sure, it's a hot summer day and you are covered in sand. What's better than just rinsing the sand off of you and your toddler before heading back to your hotel room? Even though it's a hot summer day the water coming out of those outside showers can be ice cold. Most toddlers do not appreciate cold water being showered over them even if it's for washing that sticky sand off. So just a little warning about the cold showers.

Keep an eye out for sea creatures while your toddler is playing at the beach. Any moving creature will draw your toddlers attention but there are many that will hurt your little one. Jellyfish can wash up on shore and their sting is so dangerous. Crabs can be around if it's later in the day and you would not want one of those attached to your toddler, or yourself for that matter.

Always remember to bring things like extra clothes, snacks, bottled waters, drinks, cooler, camera and anything else that will make your trip to the beach easier and keep you from having to run back and forth to your hotel room. If you bring sippy cups it's easier if you are the one to hold it to give your toddler a drink. They will have sand on their hands and that sand will get all over their cups and it will just spread. Sand can and will get all over everything that you take to the beach so watch your food and drinks closely. I do suggest bringing bottled water, not just to drink, but to wash other things off with. Make sure to bring a nice big blanket for everyone to lay on. This is especially nice if you have the umbrella to keep your blanket cooler.

In the end, enjoy your beach vacation with your toddler. They are only little once so make sure that you enjoy it as much as they do. The wonder of the world is a joy to watch through the eyes of your toddler.

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