Tips for Getting Rid of Work Stress

In today's workplace it is easy to feel overwhelmed and slightly stressed. A common scene is an overworked individual with a phone ringing, voice mail waiting, a full email inbox and a presentation in the board room due in a few minutes. If this seems like a typical work day for you and you need some help consider the following tips to help you make it through your workday.

The common thing many do when stressed in start taking many shallow breaths. You can force yourself to calm down by taking several slow, deep breaths through your nose. This will also help increase your focus and energy by giving your body extra oxygen.

To give yourself an emotional and physical break from a stressful situation it is important to take quick breaks whenever possible. Get up and stretch or walk around the hallway for awhile.

Make sure you either keep your work place organized or come in periodically and clean it up a bit. Nothing is more stressful in the workplace than needing to get something done and not being able to find your paper yet knowing it is somewhere in the stacks on your desk.

Instead of eating lunch at your desk consider taking a walk and enjoying your meal outside. This way you will have something to look forward to during each work day even on those days when you are stressed out with all the work that needs to be done.

Laughter provides you with an excellent stress release. Rather than complaining about your problems or holding your stress inside it is always best to release the stress inside through laughing. You can either tell a joke or read through some comics that you find funny.

If possible you should try to control external factors that can make your workplace uncomfortable. Make sure the glare on your computer screen is reduced and you can easily look at it for long periods of time. Make sure the temperature in your office is kept at a comfortable level. Productivity can be increased if you are enjoying your workplace.

Both at home and on the weekends are good times to make sure you have exercise scheduled in addition to little walk breaks during your work day. To get positive benefits from your exercise you don't need a rigorous schedule. Rather just have a short walk or bike ride to help keep your stress levels low.

Find a hobby that you prefer so that you can take your mind of work while you are home or enjoying your weekend. This way your work stress won't follow you home into your relaxation period. A good way to do this could be to get into a really good book. Reading is an excellent way to take yourself to a different place away from your stresses.

When you are overtired it is easy to get cranky. When you are cranky even the slightest of situations will become major issues. So to deal with stress it is important to try and get as much sleep as possible so you can be well rested when you come to work each day.

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