Simple Tools for a Home Manicure and Pedicure

Maintaining the appearance of nails doesn't need to cost a fortune. With good tools bought at a drugstore or even a beauty supply store, a home manicure or pedicure is a good choice and saves money.

Simple Tools for a Home Manicure and Pedicure

Here is an overview of tools needed for a basic nail treatment:

Nail Polish Remover: The fundamental for any nail treatment, this product removes oil and polish for preparation of a manicure or pedicure. The best removers are made with alcohol or acetone, but can sometimes be drying. Most formulas come with aloe or vitamins, to keep the nail clean and healthy.

Cuticle Oil: Dry cuticles can be prone to infection if not taken care of. During a manicure or pedicure, massage nail beds with oil to add hydration to cuticles, which can also help with nail growth.

Scrubs: Scrubs are great, cheap products that can clean away dead skin cells, which makes hands look dry and dull. Use a hand or foot mask for extra moisture and massage to relax away tension for an enjoyable manicure or pedicure

Nail Clippers: If any item needs to be made of good quality, the clippers should be it. They need to be sharp and cut clean and in one piece. Do not use clippers that are dull or rusty, because those will only lead to unsafe cuts or infection. Drugstores also carry decent clippers, but be sure to replace them at the first sign of wear and tear.

Cuticle Clippers: These tiny clippers help trim hangnails, but take care not to cut cuticles. Cutting cuticles can lead to infection since their purpose is to protect the nail bed. Make sure that before each use, the clippers are sterilized with alcohol to cut down on spreading of bacteria.

Emery Boards: These tools smooth the surface of the nail, giving it shape. Fine surfaces are made for smoothing the nails. Course boards are geared more to shaping and shortening the nail. Metal files are not a great idea because they tend to rip the nail and are too aggressive. Replace boards as soon as they become dull, in order to prevent tearing at the nail and ripping it.

Nail Buffer: Buffers can come in two styles; one that just polishes nails to make them shiny, and a block-type buffer that has three sides, one for smoothing bumps, one for filing down nails and another side for polishing the surface.

Orangewood Sticks: These sticks are a safe way to push down cuticles without tearing them. To use, wrap an end in a cotton ball and push cuticles off the nails, back into the cuticle bed.

Hand or Foot Cream: Use a luxurious cream to massage moisture into tired hands and feet. Use a thicker cream on the feet, and cover with socks for extra soft skin. For hands, add a thick cream and cover with hand gloves to hydrate the hands.

As shown here, a great manicure or pedicure can be done at home with products found at the drugstore. Sometimes, even the cheap stuff works as well as salon quality goods. Most nail salons use the same products bought in beauty supply stores open to the public, so there's nothing to lose by doing it at home with your own supplies.

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