Remove Heavy Metal Toxin Naturally and Improve Infertility

Heavy metal toxicity needn't become so bad that you need to be hospitalized receiving pharmaceutical help before it negatively affects fertility. Men and women's fertility alike are highly susceptible to being compromised by heavy metals circulating throughout the body. They adhere to our reproductive tissues and cause changes in those tissues that will compromise their function. If you are someone struggling with infertility problems that have no obvious cause, it might help to consider the disruption in fertility that heavy metals can cause.

We get them from daily living in general but certain aspects of life can expose us to them more than others. For instance if your a man that is in the construction business, especially things like painting and carpentry, jobs that implement the use of so many chemicals from paints and stains and wood treatments, these substances will have a big impact on your fertility and health in general, and remember if general health is poor, chances are poor fertility will follow.

For women, many of the cosmetics being used have low levels of these substances, and if we use lots of these, they will circulate our system and find a place to settle. If it is in our reproductive systems or our endocrine system we won't want that, as it will decrease fertility. Deodorants that contain metals such as aluminum also undermine our immune and nervous system.

Then there is always the exposure we can get from drinking soft drinks straight from the can. This is a practice you need to avoid if your experiencing compromised fertility. The phosphoric acid breaks down the aluminum and it ends up in the beverage for you to drink.

If you think of the body as a "whole", you will consider it's entire health, because without considering the entire health, your fertility quotient can be compromised. All of these metals end up being managed by the liver that detoxifies them. If we are in abundance of these substances, the liver will not be able to keep up with the big load and they will end up recirculating throughout the body, many times ending up in locations that are directly affecting fertility.

Below, I've outlined some of the best things for removing heavy metals that nature provides. They include:

Cilantro - This powerful herb is a kitchen favorite in many dishes, but it is also fabulous for binding to heavy metals and whisking them away from our insides!! To get enough of it to make a difference, I suggest  juicing it. Obtaining it this way will bring it to the cellular level within 15 to 20 minutes, so it can start working it's magic. It will be rather bitter and pungent, but its power is worth the temporary distastefulness.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Here's another powerful antioxidant supplement that I personally consider as important as vitamin C. It has the ability to effectively remove heavy metals, and if you're someone that has a significant heavy metal problem, taking this supplement at a bit larger of a dose is a safe route to go. I have heard of this supplement being recommended by certified nutritionists in dosages up to 500 mgs. per dose 3 times daily depending on the severity of the heavy metal toxicity. It's great to implement this supplement into your daily routine at a moderate dose just to help prevent heavy metal build up and free radical damage in general.

Glutathione - This amino acid is very helpful in helping the cells to resist heavy metal absorption, rendering it a very important player for anyone looking to remove heavy metals from the body.

Chlorella - This natural fresh water algae is loaded with lots of chlorophyll which gives it plenty of effective heavy metal binding power. I recommend buying it in powder form and mixing it in water for best absorption. It is also sold in capsule and tablet form for those that are looking for pills.

Working to rid your body of heavy metals is something that will greatly increase your fertility heath, bringing you ever closer to that much desired healthy pregnancy. Eat well, live well, then reproduce!

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