Naturally Improve the Beauty of Fingernails

Keratin is the natural protein, found in the body, which produces beautiful fingernails and toenails. As skin cells develop, age and die, they are then replaced by keratin protein deposits, creating the texture and look of the nails on our fingers and toes. When our body is naturally lacking in keratin proteins, the nails on the fingers and toes may appear to be weak and brittle. As a protective component of the body, fingernails and toenails should be cared for as any other part of the body. Understanding how our body produces keratin, and methods for supplemental natural keratin production, may produce more beautiful and strong finger and toe nails.

Keratin, involved in both fingernails as well as skin and hair growth, is a significant protein produced by the body. Although keratin is considered a "dead" protein, it is produced from cells known as keratinocytes and is crucial to protecting hair, nails and skin.

When the body is deficient in keratin proteins, fingernails and toenails will become brittle, often breaking and tearing easily. To improve the body's natural intake of protein, eating proper protein associated foods is crucial. Protein packed foods such as chicken and dairy products work to ensure the proper balance of protein is produced with improving results in fingernails and toenails in as little as 30 days.

In addition to improved protein intake, keratin can be reinforced through the use of appropriate fingernail and toenail beauty products such as massaging oils, nail polishing and regular filing. In caring for fingernails and toenails properly, the keratin is not produced but, instead, reinforced thereby improving the brittle nail issues.

In addition to beauty products and improved protein intake, obtaining adequate exercise will also improve fingernail and toenail health. Exercise, through the enhanced circulation of blood flow, will improve the flow of oxygen into the skin cells resulting in a greater improvement in the appearance of fingernails and toenails as well as the skin. Water intake is crucial to aiding this process of exercise with recommendations to consume, at least, one half of your body weight in milliliters of water. Exercising 30 minutes per day for, at least, three days per week, should result in an improvement in fingernail and toenail appearances.

As with any beautifying process, caring for our hands and feet, as we age, is crucial to appearance. Taking the appropriate steps, early in life, will ensure the keratin production remains intact and beautiful fingernails and toenails will last a lifetime.

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