Headache Meditation – Natural Headache Remedy

There are many different reasons people get headaches. Often headaches are brought on by stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that meditation can be useful in relieving stress, allowing for pain reduction of a headache. The following meditation may be beneficial in reducing the pain of a headache.

Stress Reduction Meditation

Try this meditation while lying down. Kick off the shoes and put on some loose, comfortable clothing. Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights or turning them completely off and lighting candles. Feel free to put on a meditation DVD in the background.

The most important thing is to create an air of serenity and a feeling of calmness. For some individuals, this meditation will cause them to fall asleep. When ready, lie down, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply.

Relaxation Meditation Exercise

Envision a tube running from the base of your spine into a dark, waste disposal hole. Next, acknowledge your headache. Pick a color the headache represents and in your mind, see the headache as that color pulsating. This pulsating color represents the throbbing of the headache.

Now, mentally picture that pulsating color working its way down the body and out the tube into the waste disposal. Do this slowly. As the pulsating light drifts away from the head, the throbbing should subside. Once the pulsating light has disappeared into the disposal hole, remove the tube. Stay with this for as long as needed.

Healing Meditation Exercise

Now, it's time to relax. Think of a color that is pleasurable to you. Imagine small sparkles of this color entering your head. Feel them make their way throughout your body, tingling and bringing in positive energy. At the same time, envision a warm, healing light surrounding your body. Stay with this for as long as needed.

When ending this meditation, lay still for a few minutes before getting up. Hopefully, some of the headache pain has lessened. If you prefer to continue meditating, think of a scene in nature that is beautiful and makes you feel relaxed. Go ahead and meditate on this scene for as long as desired. Be sure to try to experience the scene with as many senses as possible. End the meditation when ready.

There is no guarantee that the above meditation will cure a headache. It should, however, relax the body which in turn will help relax the mind. In addition, it will hopefully help clear the mind of any worries or troubles during the time of the meditation.

A headache meditation is good for helping reduce stress and anxiety by allowing the body to relax and the mind focus on something calming. This natural headache remedy is a good alternative to over the counter drugs. Even if a headache isn't stress related, this meditation could still help in pain reduction.

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