Get Exquisite Skin: Unlock Your Skin’s Potential

The beauty industry is a multibillion dollar business these days. Gone is the era of the simple cleansing regimen of Pond’s Cold Crème and Noxzema. Today’s industry is a much more sophisticated one aimed at anti aging, and one that is chock full of not only products that boast antioxidants and peptide amino complexes, but the even more refined cosmeseuticals.

These hybrid beauty goods are filled with the above-mentioned ingredients, and much more, which includes phytochemicals and live plant enzymes that promise to rid your skin of unsightly blemishes and sun spots, and send your wrinkles packing. Whether or not these products (which purport to have face lift and Botox-like affects) work, still they are available nonetheless to the skilled and savvy skin care consumers of today. Whatever the case may be, it is always important to remember one thing when it comes to caring for your skin: be preventative in your approach.

Here are some steps to enhance the arsenal of topical products we use to ward off wrinkles:

Wear SPF (Even in the Rain)

While there has long been the argument whether one needs a sun protectant factor of 30, 15, or 50, one thing is certain: everyone needs to wear one every day,no matter what your skin type or color. There is often the idea that persons who possess a darker skin tone don’t need sun protection as their skins contains more melanin, which equals a built in sun protection device of some sort.

Everyone must wear sun block every day no matter what. Not only does it shield your skin from dangerous, wrinkle inducing uva and uvb rays, but doing so will in turn save your pores from becoming enflamed and thus enlarged, and further keep your skin’s texture soft and supple by preventing such. All in favor of supple skin and tight pores say “Aye”. All in favor of skin with a texture that resembles beef jerky… well, you get the point.

Rinse, Don’t Wash

This could come as a colossal surprise to many. While cleansing, toning and moisturizing is an integral part of any skin care system, it should be done only once per day the evening. Yes, your skin might feel oily or unclean at first. However, keep in mind that your skin produces a layer of oil (a protective lubricant of sorts) when you are sleeping. When you cleanse your face each morning with soap or cleanser (no matter how gentle the product may be) you wash away that protective layer of oil that your skin needs to defend itself from environmental factors, such as dirt, free radicals and other pollutants.

Keep It Cool

While the pores don’t exactly open and close like shutters, still, taking steps to keep them tightened and refined will keep them from becoming cavernous looking. With this in mind, never ever wash or submerge your face in hot water. When cleansing the face, water should be tepid or lukewarm at best. Yes, aestheticians employ sweltering steam and piping hot face cloths to open pores and perform extractions, however, your skin isn’t exposed to such scorching temperatures every day. So, leave the hot water to the professionals, and treat your face to cool water washings daily. Your pores will thank you.

Cocktail Anyone?

Just as we know that vitamins are good for keeping us healthy and staving off illnesses in the body, they are equally beneficial to the skin. In Doctor Nicholas Perricone’s book The Wrinkle Cure, the doctor recommends a particular combination per day of 3000 milligrams of Ester C, 200 micrograms of Selenium, 400 milligrams of Vitamin E with dl-Alpha (also known as dl-Alpha-tocopheryl) along with 1000 micrograms of Vitamin B-12. Keep in mind that while there are dozens upon dozens of skin enhancing vitamin cocktails one can use, these are key supplements to giving your skin the life line it needs in order to be healthy and to look radiant.

Although there are scads more vitamins out there which are beneficial to the skin as well as there are numerous ways in which to improve and care for it, these are a few simple yet useful tools that if implemented into any regimen, will bring forth more healthy and beautiful skin.

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