Five Massage Techniques to Remedy Headaches & Migraines

I never suffered from migraines but my daughter does. She got her first one a few years back and has had them on and off ever since. When she got her first migraine, the Doctor gave her a shot as well as some pills which did the trick. A couple of months later, he used the same method to get rid of her second migraine. Afterwards, I asked if there were some other alternations to the shot and pills and her Doctor mentioned massage, acupuncture reflexology and acupressure often work. There was no way I was going to get her to try the acupuncture but we have learned some other options that do work. All massage can assist in relieving stress which in turn, may indirectly help to avoid another migraine. Reflexology and acupressure are methods that can also help fight off migraines and can often be done by the person themselves, as soon as they feel a headache starting.

These five techniques have worked for us and seem to work especially well in stopping an approaching migraine.

Fighting a Migraine Through Massage

1. To his can be done by the migraine sufferer or person themselves or by another person. To help the person suffering, place a finger (or thumb) on each side of their neck - at the top of the spine just below the base of the skull. Between the neck muscles (in the hollows) press in firmly while massaging with tiny, circular motions for around a minute: slowly release the pressure and release. Repeat for a total of five times; encourage them to concentrate on breathing deeply while the pressure is being held. A person can do this option themselves by just pressing their fingers in as above, and then tilting their head back.

2. Directly between the eyebrows, locate the small indentation at the top of the bridge of the nose. Press in firmly with a finger or thumb pad while breathing deeply. Hold the pressure while counting to 45 and then slowly release. Repeat the Once you feel a change in the pressure point, add small circles while for around 45 seconds before slowly releasing the pressure. Repeat 5 more times.

3. I have been using this technique since college to ward off tension headaches and it seems to work on migraines as well. Using your thumb and forefinger from one hand, firmly press into the web between the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. Breathe deeply while increasing the
 pressure and then moving to the circular rotations for up to a minute. Repeat for a total of 8 times and then switch to the other hand. The nice thing about this technique is it can be done just about anywhere without others knowing what you are doing.

4. This technique is a bit trickier than the others as it requires locating the pressure point and using both hands. Slowly move your finger tip firmly over each eyebrow until you locate a slight indent, about midway over your eye. Slowly press into both eyebrow points at the same time until you can feel hardness under your finger. Breathing deeply, keep the pressure on and move your finger in tiny circles while counting to 50 before slowly releasing the pressure. Repeat 5 more times. For added relief we were taught to locate the slight indent on the cheekbone below the eye and using the above technique on opposite sides. For example you press on the left eyebrow point and the right cheekbone point at the same time and then switch, doing each side five times.

5. Taking the first two fingers, press firmly into the sides of both temples for 10 seconds. Keeping the pressure steady, add a slight circular motion for 10 seconds, then without changing the pressure: go back to just pressing for another 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat four more times, remembering to breathe deeply.

Migraines may be controlled somewhat by avoiding triggers (food, sleep etc), medications, and supplements (my daughter takes magnesium) but there is nothing that will ensure a person will never get another one. It does help to know a few massage techniques that can be used at the first sign of a migraine and/or headache. While medication may sometimes be needed, being able to head off an incident naturally is a wonderful alternative.

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