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Find the Best Skin Care Moisturizer for Winter Dry Skin Solutions

Many people experience itchy skin during the winter months when the air is drier and temperatures are colder. Finding and using the right skin care moisturizer is an important step in treatment for dry skin.

Shop Body Lotion that Contains Oil

The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics website recommends using skin care moisturizers that contain oil as a major ingredient. Many skin care products are water-based, which help the itchy skin to feel better temporarily. But the water soon evaporates, without doing much to help the dry, itchy skin. A skin care lotion, cream or ointment containing oil is the more effective choice.

For the person whose skin is not too dry or too oily in the winter time, then water-based moisturizers work fine. The labels on these dry skin products might show that they contain lightweight oils, like cetyl alcohol, or ingredients from silicone like cyclomethicone.

For the person whose skin is very dry and cracked, the Mayo Clinic website recommends petrolatum-based skin care products. These items stay on the skin better than creams and prevent water from evaporating from the skin. Usually the skin care moisturizers that feel more “greasy” are the ones that do the best job of trapping the water in the skin.

Avoid Hot Water to Maximize Skin Care

In addition to faithfully using moisturizers, people who suffer from dry skin in winter can do the following to help:

- Bathe in warm, not hot, water. Hot water depletes the natural oils in a person’s skin.
- Avoid using a lot of soap, or use a soap-free cleanser.
- Steer clear of alcohol, calamine lotion or powder since these cause dry skin.

A long, leisurely hot bath might be relaxing, but it is not good for the skin. Obviously, people cannot stop bathing in the winter months, but using warm water (instead of hot) and taking short showers (no more than 10 minutes) can ease the problem. Then follow the bath or shower with a gentle pat-down with a towel and generous application of moisturizer. By applying the dry skin moisturizer while the skin is still slightly damp, the water is sealed in the skin before it evaporates.

Following a shower or bath is not the only time to apply the moisturizer. To work effectively, moisturizers should be applied three or more times each day.

Many people experience dry skin in the winter months. Home treatment with good dry skin moisturizers works for most people, but there are situations where a person needs to see a doctor. The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics website recommends that if the skin shows signs of an infection, becoming red, hot or weepy, then it is time to see a family physician or dermatologist. Also, if the dry skin becomes a year-round problem, see a doctor to seek a dry skin solution, because there could be a medical problem beyond just winter dry skin.


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