Essential Skincare: 5 Steps to Glowing Skin

Daily skin care is vital to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. It also doesn't need to be a time-consuming process. A handful of simple steps give skin its best appearance and boost the effectiveness of routine and even occasional facials.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers for Daily Maintenance

A gentle, pH-balanced cleanser should be used on a regular basis. Stronger cleansers containing higher percentages of alpha-hydroxy acids are extremely effective but are best used sparingly on most skin types, if at all. Foaming cleansers are ideal for oily skin and should generally be avoided by normal to dry skin types, unless specifically formulated for these skin types.

For daily cleansing, creamy cleansers are best for normal to dry skin, and gel-based or foaming cleansers are ideal for combination and oily skin. The best time to cleanse the face is in the evening before bed to remove all the makeup, residue, oil, and pollution acquired throughout the day. A quick rinse with water is all that is needed in the morning.

Exfoliate the Skin 1 - 2 Times per Week

Exfoliation is vital to maintaining a healthy , youthful glow. Professional facials are key for intense exfoliation, and gentle bi-weekly exfoliation at home enhances these treatments. From scrubs to enzyme-based exfoliating masks, it is important to exfoliate no more than twice per week, after cleansing and before moisturizer. This helps remove the layer of dead skin and can even clear congestion. Exfoliating too often can eventually weaken and thin the skin. Remember, thin skin is aged skin. Thick, soft, supple skin is youthful skin.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Properly moisturized skin feels and looks healthy and radiant. It is best to moisturize twice a day. Once in the evenings after cleansing and exfoliation and again in the morning after a quick rinse with water.

Normal to dry skin should be moisturized with a oil-rich nourishing cream moisturizer in the evenings. The skin does most of its repair and regeneration while the body is sleeping, and this is the time to pack it with nutrients. During the day a lighter moisturizer can be used. Combination and oily skin should be moisturized with an oil-free moisturizer for both the evening and in the morning.

The trick to knowing if skin is properly moisturized is to scrunch the nose. If the skin feels tight, a little more moisturizer can be applied. If the skin feels a little moist to the touch 10 minutes after application, use a soft cotton cloth or paper towel and lightly dab the face to remove excess moisturizer. Do not use toilet paper as it can leave behind little remnants.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Sun-damaged skin ages at an alarming rate. The bottom line is, always apply sunscreen before going outside. Sun rays can even penetrate through a closed car or office window and quickly damage the skin.

Healthy Skin Begins With a Healthy Body

It is extremely important to stay hydrated and healthy on the inside as well. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day, around 6 - 8 glasses. Without enough water in the body, the skin quickly becomes dehydrated and is left looking flat and dusty.

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