Essential Oils and Herbs for Skin Toners

To tone or not to tone? Most cosmetic counters will give you the hard sell about toners when you buy a cleanser - the two products marketed as inseparable. The truth is, if your cleanser does the job you probably don't need a toner to remove any 'remaining residue' of oil or dirt.

A toner is not an essential part of your skincare routine but if you have the time it can enhance your beauty regimen. Shop-bought toners are often alcohol based and can be harsh and drying to skin. It is easy to substitute home-made toners for these that are gentle-acting and beneficial for your skin type.

In aromatherapy, herbs may also be used as well as essential oils. Herbal infusions are often gentler in their actions than essential oils because they contain less concentrated chemical constituents, but they should still be used with care. The toners below impart additional beneficial qualities to your skin following your cleansing routine and are safe to use.

Dry, Dehydrated And Combination Skins: steep one teaspoon of dried rose petals in hot water, or the cleaned petals of one rose head, cover and leave to cool. Sweep across your face with cotton wool after cleansing.

Oily And Problem Skin: steep one teaspoon of dried lavender flowers in hot water, cover and leave to cool. Once wiped across skin with cotton wool, this toner helps to balance oil production in your skin and to prevent impurities. For very oily skin and to help clear up blackheads, witch hazel is an excellent toner and available in most pharmacies.

Sensitive Skin: make a cup of chamomile tea and cover with a saucer until the tea cools. Soak a cotton wool pad in the infusion and swipe across your skin after cleansing. Chamomile tea is very effective at soothing and reducing inflamed and irritated skin. This toner is also helpful for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

Mature Skin: make a cup of green or white tea, cover and leave to cool. Green and white tea are high in antioxidants and make a great addition to an anti-aging skincare routine.

When making a herbal infusion it is important to cover it as it cools. This is to prevent losing the active chemical ingredients through the steam as it evaporates.

Hydrosol Toners
Hydrosols, or hydrolats, are the water that is collected during the steam or water distillation of essential oils. As a by-product of essential oil production they contain the active ingredients of essential oils and their benefits, although their action is greatly diluted. They are safe to use on skin undiluted and are available from many aromatherapy suppliers.

Hydrosols make excellent skin toners: for dry, dehyrated or mature skins, choose lavender, geranium or rose hydrosols; for sensitive skins choose chamomile; for oily or problem choose tea tree, lavender, juniper or myrtle.

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    1. Thank you Cindy. Keep checking back for any new articles!